Run: Green Mountain (5.67 mi)

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Sydney wanted to go out for breakfast this morning so we did. I usually don’t eat much pre-run but I had a few hundred calories, including chicken, egg, and a bagel. I wasn’t sure how it was going to sit given I don’t run well on a moderately full stomach. But I figured with the uphill today, it wouldn’t be … Read More

Run: Slow 16M (16.34 mi @ 07:42)

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After yesterday’s crappy run, I was hoping for more today. I took my pulse first thing and it was down to 40. It was 53 yesterday after my short 6 hours of sleep. My body felt much more rested. Things were tight from the start and I thought it was going to be a long day. I hit Panera at … Read More

Run: Easy 5M (5.01 mi @ 08:35)

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Weird day. Only 6 hours of sleep and I feel it. Knew I couldn’t do the scheduled long run today because of work meetings so postponed till tomorrow. Did eat lunch before the run and didn’t get out till 2. Was just dead and sluggish and hamstrings were tight. No fun so came back early. Basically a rest day. I … Read More