Big Day On The Slopes

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Natalee was ready for her 2nd day on the slopes after giving her butt a day to recover from what is snowboarding. Being that it was Saturday, I asked Sydney if she wanted to give it a go. In years past, skiing has been fun — for about an hour — with her. Lots of work to get a kid … Read More

Hike: Green Mountain (5.26 mi)

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I was all excited to show Natalee what Green Mountain was all about — until we got dumped on last night. But hey, you come all this way — let’s make the most of it. We picked up JV on the way into Boulder. Never could see Green Mountain the entire drive in. It was shrouded in some snowy fog. … Read More


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My sister, Natalee, is in town for her annual ski visit. We have a pretty solid routine but this year we are going to switch it up a bit. The longer I live here the less I find myself skiing. Just some combination of traffic, cost, and other things to do in the snow have kept me off the mountains … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (5.49 mi)

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My sister is coming to town today. There is a 4-5 day forecast of snow. That means we will be doing some skiing. So I figured I better get Green in this morning in advance of all of that because I don’t know how the schedule will play out. I woke up slightly less excited about this decision given the … Read More