Weekly Training Summary (83.45 miles / 12:48:01)

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Across the board, it was a “most of the season” kind of week. Got the most miles, most time, and most elevation. It was good to be back after the rest week to allow myself to push the numbers up. Frankly, the big motivator was the month…who’s the jerk that only put 28 days in February? I should have realized February was short back in January when I set 250 as my monthly minimum. So I had some miles to chase this week but I didn’t just do them as junk. Had a pretty decent week.

Mon – 15M treadmill in 2 sessions

Tues – 15M treadmill in 2 sessions

Wed – Green Mountain from 29th Street

Thurs – Steady (Tempo) 10M

Fri – Slow 11M

Sat – Green Mountain x 2

Sun – Easy (Recovery) 9M

Put your brain on. Let’s continue with the Performance Management Graph for the weekly summary.

Performance Management Chart 2010-02-28

Last: CTL = 75 / ATL = 98 / TSB = -23

This: CTL = 88 / ATL = 124 / TSB = -36

Those 2+ hour efforts really form the peaks in the ATL. Happy about the jump there. Going for a spike and saw it. CTL just follows along slowly. But happy that its once again highest of the season after the small dip during rest week. TSB fell of course. Should push that back into the -40s next week and hopefully -50s during the last week of the period.

This tool allows you to put in your event target date and then see how you can taper so you get TSB back to 0 by the day of your event. In the graph this week, I went out 7 days. You see that if I did nothing that week, I would get back to -10. Not zero. This taper for Boston is going to be rigorously managed but I hope I can do it correctly.

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