My Latest Finding

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Glenn mentioned Daniel’s Points the other day so I went googling. Found this spreadsheet that calculates many things. Always of key interest is how I can gain an advantage to crush Brownie at Boston. So here is my big secret…it says I am too fat!


I need to drop about 10 pounds and then I will be breaking 3:00 in Colorado. So maybe call it -5 pounds plus a sea level boost…on last fall’s race time. Oh, man. I just got a boner. This could happen.

  • jppatrick

    Listen, you skinny bastard………..I think you should muscle up and hammer to the finish!

    • I wish! I am going to eat your Girl Scout cookies if we can’t meet up. Email me your address and I can ship them down this week.

  • Jim P.

    I sense an end to the burger wars.

  • georgezack

    Dude – you are not 5’7″. Really. You are like 5’3″.