Run: Slow 11M (11.29 mi @ 07:49)

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Boring day but I ran the steady yesterday so I enjoyed t-shirt weather and ran my slow day. Experimented on the route a tad and I got stuck in a barbed wire fence maze that I had to military crawl out of. Oh well. Paces were mostly under marathon PR while holding slow range. That’s good stuff.

Dr. Rodgers threw out 85 as an average/optimal cadence last night. I ran 89 average today. So I am either taking a few too many steps OR I get in more steps than the average joe. Not going to think much about it. Just good to know I am right about where I should be. Next number to be analyzed please step up!

I felt the sun’s heat today. Summer is coming. It will be glorious.

Hills tomorrow. Feeling like a 2 peak day. No repeats.

I went 11.29 miles with an elevation gain of 494 feet in 01:28:18, which is an average pace of 07:49. Heart rate average was 142. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.