Run: Slow 9M (9.03 mi @ 08:00)

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Was at the Hummer dealer most of the day. Sitting on a couch working away. It was a good change to get me back in the swing of things after the new year. But after 5 hours, my butt was hurting and I wondered if I would get out today. Had to have a RF wheel bearing, idler arm and pitman arm replaced at 46,000 miles. I don’t think that is my first wheel bearing replacement either. Need to check. I am out of my extended warranty now so every visit is like a big gamble on what will need fixed and how much it will cost and can I live without it. In this case, I noticed the truck pulling right suddenly and feeling loose. Turns out I was right.

Union Reservoir, again. Ran as the sunset and the temps dropped. Hate running late. Was supposed to do Easy 5M but it was too cold to go that slow and I wanted more distance.

I went 9.03 miles with an elevation gain of 290 feet in 01:12:23, which is an average pace of 08:00. View my GPS data.