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My daughter goes to a Christian school. We chose it more for its private education than for the religious aspect. I am agnostic these days. Do what you want with your god. Mostly, I will think you are foolish but that’s your business. But I don’t walk around condemning what my child learns at school. She can make up her own mind.

Anyway, the school administrator sent out an email on Friday…Obama will not be played. No explanation. Oh…that should get them going.

Hours later, a follow-up email from the headmaster — he need to explain the position. Thought so. How many phone calls did he get? He made 3 points.

1. As a Christian school, they aim to be apolitical. That is, we do not endorse a particular political party, movement, or candidate. Thus, the decision is not an endorsement for or against President Obama.

My Opinion – Bullshit. While he might be a Democrat, he is the President of the United States. Last I checked, that is the most awesomest job to have. Kids want to be the President. Probably just because you get to command the military and pass laws and be real important and stuff. Exposing kids to parties and politics at younger ages is like telling them about Santa. Let them dream for a while.

2. After investigating the materials, we determined that this activity would not significantly add value to our educational goals as a classical and Christian school. While the message of the materials is generally positive, we determined that taking valuable instructional time away from other subjects was not justified, particularly since the message seemed to be geared toward students at-risk for dropping out of school.

My Opinion – Not bullshit. Telling a bunch of 1st graders to stay in school in a private school isn’t the best use of time. Learning to read is probably a better use of time. Plus, half that time she can’t explain the plot of SpongeBob SquarePants to me 30 minutes after she watched it. How would a talking head really go over?

3. Third and foremost, after reviewing the controversy surrounding this event, we determined that the speech clearly fell within the bounds of our controversial subjects policy. This policy provides guardrails and values that help us to focus first on our mission and our most important beliefs. Parents are the God-ordained teachers of their children, deciding when, where, and if to deal with sensitive issues.

My Opinion – Hmmm. All the hype. Controversy? Shouldn’t be. But it seems to be. Sensitive issue? Please.

Split decision.

So I am going to fall back on what makes me so turned off by religion itself. Hypocrasy.

This group constantly talks about how magic men from the sky give them rules, direction and guidance day to day. This guidance often goes without any basis in reality, or oversight, or scrutiny. I have no clue what you think God is telling you to tell my kids. Yet, I somehow gather the trust to make this leap and let you. Fine. “God wants you to be successful”. “God wants you to use your brain and be smart”. “God wants you to be the best person you can be”. Sounds good I guess. “God wants you to eat your own feces”. Wait just a minute.

Turn the page — when our elected leader and relatively most important dude in the world wants to share a message about staying in school — and he pre-releases the speech for people to read — and is a real person with a real story coming to you live on TV (kids like the TV) — and his predecessors have done the same thing in the past — why is that controversial? Not too worried about Obama. But I want to understand more about the man in the sky telling people things.