Weekly Training Summary (58 Miles)

A Day in the Life2 Comments

6 outings for 9 hours and 2 minutes for 58.34 miles.

Mon – Slow 10M

Tue – 4 x 1.5M Fast wu/cd

Wed – Mount Sanitas x 2

Thu – Slow 20M

Fri – Easy 9M / Taper

Sat – Off

Sun – Easy 4M / Taper

I cut miles off on the non-key days plus took the Fri-Sat-Sun runs as a serious taper. Felt like after a hard August I needed to give my body a rest and prepare for Monday’s race all at once. Seemed like a smart and noble goal. Won’t know if it pays off for a bit but seems like a solid plan. Get some of those nagging aches out of there.

Funny though, 58 was a solid week last Spring — now it seems like a vacation!

Leaving for Denver now. Let’s go racing!

  • Glenn Hahn

    Start this (race) pace in the Boulder 1/2 and spank the field on the last 3 miles. That will set you up for Denver. Taper until you are itchy. Let’s go to Boston.

  • It is close. I can feel it. I think I am done to a 2-3 minute range on if it will happen. I need to do some goal pace running to see what that pace feels like now. Hopefully, it feels nice and easy.