Rev Theory: Small Acoustic Show

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Tonight is Cruefest. I am not going. You couldn’t pay me to watch Motley Crue. However, a bunch of other bands on the bill that I like and/or love. However, I am on hiatus this month from shows given the impending childbirth. So no show for me tonight. Well, last night, I was poking around and found out that my … Read More


A Day in the Life3 Comments

On today’s run, I am cruising down Colorado Highway 66, a very common route for bikers. Lots of cars but I love running highways because they have big shoulders and not a lot of turns happening. When I run through town, it is a constant battle every block with cars. Anyway, music cranked and I am moving along. I vaguely … Read More

I Love You, Dakota

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From a few years ago, we came home and found Dakota sitting on the table. When we went to Leadville, Dakota went to her normal doggy day care spot for the weekend. We weren’t excited about leaving her behind but it was just for 2 nights and we felt she was in good hands. Unfortunately, her body was working so … Read More