Run: Green Mountain With Bears! (4.89 mi)

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Before bed last night, I was channel surfing while Kim finished up with Kayla. “Bear Attack” was on…I watched a bit. On to today. Good day to run uphill so I went down to Boulder. Decided on Green because I haven’t been consistent there. Parked at Gregory and headed up the canyon. Quickly noticed that the trail signs changed from … Read More

Weekly Training Summary (82 Miles)

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8 outings for 12 hours 39 minutes and 82.28 miles. Not bad. Keeping the distance up and it feels great. No pain to speak of. Not bored with this distance either. Felt like I ran a lot but it wasn’t the only thing I did. Changed up the schedule a bit vs. so I did what I wanted on the … Read More

Run: Easy 7M with Kids (7.58 mi)

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Took the kids. Sydney and Reagan alternated on the bike. I pushed the other and Wyatt in the jogger. Stopped for food, water, river time, and more. Fun way to get 7 miles in. But not the fastest. Bike Ride from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo. I went 7.58 miles in 01:49:47, which is an average pace of 14:28. View my … Read More