August Training Summary

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Some background. Last August, 130 miles — post Leadville 50 and I took a break. Last July, highest month ever 234. So roll forward to this month…

310.12 miles in 29 outings in a time of 45:55:06 with an elevation gain of 29,849 feet at an average heart rate of 141.

138% improvement. What the hell was that? The month started off with my 100 mile week attempt. Nailed that. During which something flipped. Can’t figure out what but I decided I can’t keep waiting to ramp up to where I need and want to be. The people I want to run like run big miles. So let’s do it. Then reality set in and baby Kayla as born. Nothing like 3 days off to put the brakes on things — actually, it ended up doing the reverse. I took time off work and was able to concentrate on my runs a bit more that week after. Every day seemed to start with a bit of a running hangover from the day before. But by mile 3 or 4, I had that shook out and it was a new day. Then it started to become a numbers game. Keep getting big back to back days in. I changed up my schedule. Kept the key workouts but adjusted the long and mid run days around to better fit my schedule and how I peak during the week. Perfect.

By the end of the month, it was no big deal to do a 20 mile long run and then hit a 10 mile brisk run (marathon goal pace) the next day. Sure, the legs were not as fresh as they could be but I pushed through it and felt like I was in the last 6 miles of the big race. I see various evidence of either getting faster or HR getting lower at pace. It is making me both nervous and excited to race. I had A and B goals for the fall races. B would have been fine. But now the A goals are starting to actually look real. I go do a brisk run (marathon goal pace) with an 80 mile backlog, carrying my own water, on a 90 degree day, with no good sleep (baby), wearing trainers, on dirt, with no breakfast, and every other excuse and I can hold pace for 10 miles — at least.

It was quite a mileage bump but I think my body was ready for it. I hope I don’t find out weeks from now that I burnt up my race this month. I don’t think so. I still have nearly a month and a half till Denver. Just some blisters that can’t get healed cause they can’t get a break. Will keep up the big miles for nearly all September then taper down. But I plan to return to a big set of regular miles after that. It suites me now. And the LT100 goal requires it.

Waking the demon.