Hacking My Car Again

Hummer5 Comments

For some dumb safety reason, Pioneer will not let you enter addresses into the GPS while the car is in motion — further more, the only way it allows you to prove you are not in motion is to have the parking brake over. So the scenario is while Kim and I are in the car, I have to pull over on the side of the highway, put on the parking brake, then enter the address of the destination. Bogus. The same logic is used to prevent DVDs from playing on the display while driving. So I usually resort to looking things up on my iPhone instead of the new stereo. Something had to change.

Luckily, I wasn’t the first to be annoyed by this. So with a pair of wire cutters, a screwdriver, tire terminator, and some time, I was able to hack the stereo so that it thinks the parking brake is on all the time. Perfect. However, Pioneer also had the GPS interfere — when the car goes over 16 MPH, it also cuts off the feature. So with a 1 GB SD flash card, Winrar, and some hacked boot code, I was able to go in and boot the OS, update some INI config, and tell it that 16 MPH should be 128 MPH. Now, I (or my co-pilot) is free to navigate as we see fit.

That OS looks so familiar?