Run: Slow 20M / Golden Ponds (20.02 mi)

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Same run as last Thursday but did the route in reverse today. Felt a lot stronger and smoother. Beat my time by 6 minutes and my HR was 5 bpm lower on average! 40 oz of water, 2 salt caps, 3 GUs for fuel. Temps were hot but I was good with it. Wore new Lunas to break them in and be sure they don’t rip my feet on race day.

Pushed up the pace on some of the last miles. Went to BQ pace with no issues. Felt strong enough to do 6 more miles but declined. Last week, I wanted to run 26 but was too done at 20. And this week I had 80+ miles in 7 days as a backlog plus a PR on Green yesterday going into the run today! Unphased by the distance at this point. Something has changed. McMillan has my pace for this run at 7:57 to 8:57 — so I nailed it in the middle.

Really debating the Park-to-Park 10 miler on Labor Day. Good run but I don’t want to waste any effort there. However, I wonder if I need the tune-up just to see how I get my race on at this point. Wondering if I run it at my target pace for the 13.1 and just call it a training run — $60 training run. Geez.

I went 20.02 miles in 02:47:30, which is an average pace of 08:22. View my GPS data.

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