The Decalibron

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Distance 7.43 miles
Time 2 hr 56 min
Max Elevation 14,286 feet
Elevation Gain 4,031 feet
Route Kite Lake Trailhead
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The Decalibron is a four 14er peak loop outside of Alma, Colorado. It consists of Mount Democrat (14,148 feet), Mount Cameron (14,238 feet), Mount Lincoln (14,286 feet), and Mount Bross (14,172 feet). These peaks have been in a legal battle since I started climbing 14ers. It is a whole deal with them being on private land and the liability involved. The town of Alma, Colorado and activist groups got agreement going for 3 of the 4 peaks and they reopened this season. However, Mount Bross still has issues so it is closed. However, a quick Internet search showed that people were still getting it done. Hmmm. Could I get all of them? Let’s go see.

One thing to note about Mount Cameron is that some people count it as an official 14er and some don’t. Depends on how you count. It falls so close to Mount Lincoln that it fails to stand on its own. However, it is named and it is over 14,000 feet and you have to traverse it to go to Mount Lincoln. So you get it for free!

I had my camera but I didn’t use it much other than the obligatory summit photos. Sky and mountains. Same old stuff. However, I think the video is a much more compelling way to capture the experience. Enjoy!

Kept good tabs on my splits today just to see how I progressed along the course. Finished the whole loop in just under 3 hours. Seemed like a decent time. Nobody ever passed me the whole day!

Description Time Distance Elevation Gain
Start to Democrat 60:51 2.16 2,411
Democrat to Cameron 42:21 1.55 902
Cameron to Lincoln 9:11 0.52 219
Lincoln to Bross 26:45 1.56 319
Bross to Start 36:56 1.64 106

On the summit of Mount Democrat!

The Decalibron

Now, the longest traverse. Over to Cameron, then Lincoln. Lincoln is that knob off the back of Cameron.

The Decalibron

On the summit of Mount Cameron! Nothing to see there. Move along.

The Decalibron

There is Lincoln over that way. I used to think stuff like that looked far away. Didn’t even take 10 minutes to get there!

The Decalibron

On the summit of Mount Lincoln! Gotta go back the way I came now to get to Bross.

The Decalibron

On the summit of Mount Bross — maybe! I will not confirm or deny the location that this photo was taken for it might incriminate me.

The Decalibron

One last look before heading down. Leadville in the distance with Mount Massive, Mount Elbert (highest in Colorado), and Mount Sherman. Leadville Sliver Rush this weekend. Good luck all. Hope to be back next year!

The Decalibron

Here is the map of the route. Starts at the green marker and goes clockwise around the loop.

I seriously enjoy running 14ers now because it takes that long drag and haul out of them. Plus, you seem decently studly to those you pass on route. Had a handful of people stop me or comment about things. One Aussie stopped me — which takes me 10 seconds to get my music off and hear them — he said they call people like me “FRBs” where he is from. FRB = Front Running Bastard. I think it was a compliment.

All in all — an easy set of 14ers. I think the only trick is that it is a lot of time at high elevations so newbies might wear from that. But nowhere do you get so much for so little. Back to bagging them one at a time next year.

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  • Classic route. Missed you by ONE day. Seeing the burro racers up here was a blast. THAT IS ON MY LIST.

  • Didn’t decide to head up till the last minute. Thought you might be up but it seems we can’t ever sync up. Doing a solo TT on Sanitas this week (Wed?) as a time check if you are around.

  • Glenn Hahn

    High. FRB is a complement: think back to if you tried this two years ago, eh?

  • 2 years ago I would have been arrested because it was closed. Guess that isn’t what you meant. I probably would have done it but hiked. Never knew running was an option. It is so much faster.

  • I’m jealous. I had to get my elevation fix up the Sears, I mean Willis, Tower on Saturday.

  • Just watched the video. Thanks for taking us with you! Will miss our Labor Day climb this year, but I guess a new niece is the sacrifice I need to accept.

  • Nice work, Brandon! Running (and getting up early) is the only way to do the things we do and have a family life too.