Happy Anniversary To Us

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I met Kim in 1991. She became my girlfriend shortly there after. So we go way back. Over half our lives at this point.

Then in 1999, on this day, we tied the knot. It was merely a formality at that point. I really didn’t consider a life without her. So we decided to drag everyone that wanted to go to Hawaii for a 1 week celebration and wedding, followed by another private Honeymoon week. What a trip! 4 islands in total. Lots of time with family and friends. And a great start to a new life together to top it off.


So if you did the math — today is our 10 year anniversary. The years are starting to add up! Honestly, for the first few years, I think I still celebrated our dating anniversary. Then at one point, I mentally swapped the dates and thought our dating anniversary was our wedding date. But over the last few years, I got my calendar cleared up and never forget this monumental day.

Kim and I celebrated this anniversary early with our big trip to Costa Rica earlier this year. But then last week, Kim sabotaged our dryer (I think) and we had to purchase a new washer and dryer that will be delivered tomorrow. So given the traditional tenth anniversary gift of “tin/aluminum“, I think that fits quite nicely. (Just don’t tell her the modern chart says diamonds! That would be an expensive fucking dryer!)

We were married prior to blogs and digital camera — oh, its been that long! So I dug up a few scanned copies for your enjoyment.

Kim, I love you and I am looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together!

  • meryl

    You brought a tear to my eye. Congratulation’s to you both 🙂


    I think Mom actually has a wedding video on VHS. it probably has me crying at the ceremony… laughing so hard I cried at the dude in the hole-y shoes playing a ukulele in my ear. Sorry about that.

    Happy Anniversary Kids!!

  • Carole +Herb

    Your Dad and I hope that you both enjoyed “Operation Anniversary” delivered by our very own personal shopper and singer Marie! Best Wishes and many more great years together! By the way..are we ever going back to Hawaii???

  • Kim didn’t remember the bus #4.

  • Does she remember the perpetrator that took a picture of 3 butts? Wonder if they ever caught that person.

  • Ryan Mullins

    A little late, but congrats!

  • Here’s the butt shot: http://bit.ly/RecJS

    Happy (belated) anniversary!!

  • A name on a butt doesn’t prove anything.

  • I don’t know why you have a tat of your name on your ass.

  • Same reason you do… Eric’s got issues.

  • haha, that’s the only copy I had — I think I had sent this out or posted it a long time ago, and must have deleted the original. Oops. Guess that’s what you get for sticking your a$$es in my camera. 😉

    Also: Tahoma is a lame font for a tat.