Run: Flagstaff Road (9.11 mi)

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I have been bugging GZ to meet up with me to run since last year. We just never got it done. Plus, GZ was injured for a while and he was sticking to the mill. He did offer to allow me to line my mill up in his garage next to his for a run but I figured I would wait it out. Anyway, today we made it to Flagstaff Road for the run. I hung with him for about all of 100 feet and then the man was gone. Figured. GZ brought his camera so I am stealing his shots to dress my post up. Nice having another blogger doing the work. In return, I will star GZ in an upcoming HD action video.


I got into my own groove and just kept an even pace as I could. There are some steep sections that are really hard to keep running through. Last time I ran this, I didn’t make all the way to the top. I turned early to run back down with the pack. Today, GZ was coming back down but he turned and re-climbed the last mile with me. We are both training for upcoming mountain road races so you just can’t do this enough times.


We turned at the top and made quick work coming back down. Last time, my quads were trashed the day after the downhill. Felt much better running down today. Figuring that huge downhill trashing will really build some unique muscle in the legs.


Here are the splits from today. I am not sure if the speed on the downhill will help my 5k speed. I hope it will. Kind of fun to have your body moving this fast without all the effort required on a flat surface. Figuring it helps the legs learn to move that fast.

Flagstaff Road | Run | Boulder, Boulder, Colorado, United States | MotionBased Dashboard

I went 9.11 miles with an elevation gain of 2539 feet in 89 minutes, which is a moving pace of 9:47. View my full GPS data.

  • Sorry the shots are blurry … the benefits of running and taking some pix. Thanks for getting out there. The last two miles on that gain about as much elevation (maybe a bit more actually) as the first three … it gets tough, which is good.

  • When I saw you palming the camera, I wondered if the sweat would get in the way of the shot. Better than nothing. Still experimenting with my method of carry. The RaceReady shorts seem to be the best bet but the camera has to be light.