Change In Plans

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I had planned on running the Leadville 50 again this year but I just can’t find the motivation. What’s the point in shaving an hour off my time? I really wanted to do something that was new and fresh and that I would enjoy. Plus, I am consumed with the marathon distance for now as the desire to BQ grows and grows.

Well, change in plans. I have scrapped the 50 (for now) and will be running the Leadville Marathon instead. I did the Leadville Heavy Half Marathon 2 years ago. That was my first Leadville experience. However, I haven’t done the marathon there yet so it is time. This all came together when my sister said she was coming to visit that weekend and wanted to know what was going on. Which 14er to climb? I threw out the race as a wild chance and she came back saying that she was interested. So she is doing the half and I am doing the full. Could the Fullers sweep the day? Ha! But I will be happy to share the window with her as our names both will hang in 212 Harrison Ave. for a year — that is if Natalee isn’t the “last ass over the pass”. That’s a real award they give out! Train it up, Nat. I think I teared up after each Leadville finish so far. Quite an experience.

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