Done With Dell

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As you may recall when I was planning my computer upgrade, the key was the 30″ monitor. I did all my homework and Dell’s new 3008WFP 30 inch UltraSharp Widescreen Digital Flat Panel won. It bested the 30″ Apple Cinema Display by a touch. The Apple one seemed slightly out of date but it had the Apple mojo going for its sleek design.

So on February 13th, I ordered the Dell. Then I got the email with the bad news…your estimated ship date is March 27th! Man, thats over a month later. How can I deal? Patience. So I waited. I got my new Mac Pro and sadly hooked it to my 19″ and have been dealing day by day with this deep intense pain.

Then on March 27th, as expected, Dell sent me an email saying that they….were delaying my order. Its already been 6 weeks but what’s another week. I waited.

April 3rd came. Oh boy…another email. Delay another week. Damn it!

This automated 7 day delay is making me mad. So I call in. I get some front line dummy telling me he is sorry for the delay and Dell is doing everything they can to ship the order. I asked for specific steps. He couldn’t list any. So “everything” equals “nothing”. Again, he repeated the chant. Over and over. He also kept telling me he didn’t know why and nobody does know why its delayed. Finally, he escalated.

The manager seemed to be able to find out that my monitor was backordered because of some component. No clue when it might come in. After convincing him that this was crappy service, he said he wasn’t authorized to but would put in a request to expedite my order. What does that do I ask? In so many words he explained that this told manufacturing that they should really get this out sooner. Oh thanks.

I kept asking for answer on how long to wait for this. 1 more week? 4 more weeks? 2009? The uncertainty was killing me and no one could answer. I just need an guess, not another 7 days every 7 days. Finally, he advised me to cancel my order if I didn’t get it in 7 more days because I wasn’t happy.

So today was 7 more days later, April 10th, and I got another delay email. So I cancelled my order and ordered by Apple 30″. It will be here in 2 freaking days. Very predictable. Which leads to my title of the post — done with Dell. They add no value and have become too painful to deal with. Dell’s reputation and stock price is starting to show the same trend.

  • Last week the company I now work for tried to give me one of those “company issued” Dells. There was no way in hell I was going to sport that brick in my laptop bag. Anyhow, l was able to get the IT guys to configure the Boot Camp side of my MacbookPro – Another win for Apple.

    Now if they would release the new 3G iPhone and MS ActiveSync I would be much more productive.

    Good luck with the Apple B, I have the 21″ and it looks pretty damn good.

  • todd Weber

    I think Mikey will like the Apple 30″ (I know I really like mine) 😉

  • Richard B

    Seriously.. Dell sucks. My story is similar but with a laptop.

  • Steve

    I’m in the same boat you were. Ordered Feb 22nd and still receiving “Consent to another week” emails. Looks like Dell has taken this 3008 off of their website to help manage the demand for the monitor.

  • Brandon Fuller

    Love how it takes Engadget to get the story. Why can’t a freaking customer get told the real story when they call? Dell loses more points IMHO.

  • Herb fuller

    Brandon, do you want you father to call “Michael”

    as in Michael Dell?

    Remember the Gateway fiascal!

    The Lexus issue!

    Or how about the Hughes Internet problem?

  • Brandon Fuller

    Yes, I remember a few of those issues. Your help is always appreciated. But looks like somebody got to Dell first as they have pulled the product from their site now. Or maybe you already called? 🙂