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I need a vacation — and I just got back from one!

This year, we opted to stay in the US for pseudo-annual fall vacation. Instead, the kids decided that they must go to Disney World! I had the feeling it was going to be a long week before going. Visions of screaming and crying and tons of cash filled my mind. However, it turned out to be much much better than I had thought it would be.

The kids had a great time. We got there last Wednesday and hit a park a day every day while we were there. We were usually at the park by 11 AM and went until close. We hit: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, SeaWorld, Epcot, Magic Kingdom again, Disney-MGM, and then capped it off with the Mickey’s Halloween Party on the final night. Oh yeah, and a shuttle launch.

Kim got the kids signature books so we were on a mission to get the characters that we know and love to sign the books. It became an obsession for me by the last day. We had filled one set of books but now we moved on to another. At one point on the last night, I was running with Syd in the stroller to catch a last minute signing before the character went home for the day and Sydney starts tearing up — I am not having fun today! Oops, forgot who’s vacation this was for a minute!

I took 422 photos while there and you can see a slideshow if you have a few hours to kill. Kim or I will have to go back through all of them and do blog posts for the kids and tell some of the stories over the coming weeks.

  • I can imagine everything very well.

    I did all the same things a few years ago with my boys.

    And everytime we came home with lots of Mickey-Souvenirs 🙂

  • Lucky you guys. I could use one myself. My head hurts from studying all these flash cards for the A+ Essential test coming up this week. Assuming I pass that, A+ IT Technician is next. I had to make 700 flash cards for this test, the next one has 700 more. ugh! my head is filled with acronyms.

    neat captcha. I found a better one a few days ago I’ll send ya the link.