Tis The Season

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After the recent near death experience on my aging desktop machine, I started browsing for my next box. Here were some of my thoughts so far:

  • iMac – Steve’s tractor beam has me. Pretty. But what does it give me? A nice machine in a monitor? I have a floor. I am used to a box on the floor. I would use my ergo Microsoft keyboard and mouse. It doesn’t have any HD DVD capabilities that I think would be nice. I am going to run 95% Windows apps. I am not rebuying big dollar apps like QuickBooks, Quicken, PhotoShop, etc. that I have on Windows already. Do I really want to run in virtualization all the time? Biggest monitor is a 24″. Nice, but why not 30″? When something blows, I can’t go to Best Buy and throw in a new card and roll. Why do I keep thinking about this option? Stop sucking me in!
  • Laptop – Forget the make and model discussion — do I really want a laptop? If I am at my desk 99% of the time, why sacrifice speed for size? I already have a couple of work laptops. When I want to go mobile, I just take those. I don’t always have all my stuff but what do you really need anyway. Mail? Portable. Feeds? Portable. So why do all the work to setup a laptop with doc when you never really undock that much.
  • Dell XPS 420 – Comes out next month. Dell’s next gen XPS. Lots of good stuff packed in there. Get a 30″ Dell monitor for about $1200. Lots of raw power and a big screen. Me likes. Can I get XP instead of Vista though?

What do you think?

Oh and no, I still do not have an iPhone. Nice price drop however. I still feel like I need more memory and a way to get SSH on the phone so I can get my work email. Plus my contract isn’t up until January. Why are cell phone contracts like the only thing in life you are locked into?

  • Dude, go with the iMac. You have a couple of little ones and when it comes time to make home movies, DVD’s, and slide shows the iMac will make youe iLife a whole lot easier.

    But what’s most important is that you can still run Windows at the same time. Just slam 4GB of RAM (New iMac’s go up to 4GB unlike my iMac that only goes up to 3GB) and you’ll be amazed at how well it will perform. Go with the dual monitor setup and run Windows on one and run the Mac OS X on the other – Bada Boom Bada Bing! Two OS’s for the price of one.

    If you go with the dell have fun running Windows and only Windows. BORING!

    Imagine this….. a 24″ and a 23″ (Apple Stand Alone Monitor) running side by side. Sweetness. And now you have some more floor space to put in an office fridge.

    There you have it. My $.02.

    P.S. Get the MT Captcha this working – this reCaptcha thing killed my entire entry, twice. 😉

  • We already have one iMac. You might have seen that. Its in the kitchen. I already use it for iMovie.

    reCaptcha is saving the world!