Movable Type 4 Issues

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My upgrade went smooth, but then I started seeing the issues. Here is a list of things I ran into:

+ <mt:HasParentCategory> does not work but <mt:HasNoParentCategory><mt:else> works.

+ The plugin task structure was changed. You used to be able to put a “tasks” element in your $plugin object on creation. Now that doesn’t work. Its ignored. You have to use the new init_registry() functionality. Fine but it would have been nice to continue supporting the old syntax too.

+ Plugins that don’t “use base qw ( MT::Plugin );” won’t register their tasks, even with the new init_registry() call. Odd. This was not previously a requirement.

+ My plugins used to just set the created_on date and that was enough. Now, its not. You have to set the authored_on date to get the entry to display with the correct date. It wasn’t that way before.

+ The new editor that shows syntax highlighting and line numbers blows. Every time you change tabs in IE and then come back, it auto scrolls back to the top of the template. Why? I switch tabs often to check code or such then come back and have to rescroll. Plus, I find that the editor fails to save my changes lots of the time. I think its a race condition between it and the auto-save. I find myself having to check if my saves made it. Finally, I turned it off. Its not ready for prime time.

+ Comment spam – I turned on the reCaptcha plugin and I get more spam than ever. I used to do pretty good with SCode. However, it wasn’t working right with 4.0 so I moved to reCaptcha. People are not typing these captcha in so how are they getting through? SCode used to force that you had the form element. Maybe this new captcha architecture doesn’t do that. Need to poke around. This was a bug in my new reCaptcha script. If your CAPTCHA provider scripts out, then MT let’s the comment through. Oops.

+ Had to update reCaptcha to work with multiple blogs because I need different keys per domain.

+ The CAPTCHA provider assumes you are using the MT 4 default templates. It relies on some JavaScript variables like commenter_name and such that do not exist in my old templates. Bad news is that you have to edit the plugin source code to get it working.

+ The CAPTCHA does not show up on your most recent entry. Seems to be fixed in 4.01.

+ The admin UI is so slow in IE on my main machine. If I try my MacBook its pretty fast. Maybe its just IE but isn’t that like most of the market. Is it slow for everyone on IE?

  • Tom

    Now I remember why I don’t use Movable type anymore 🙂 Is there an upgrade cost associated with that? since its a major version upgrade?

    So far, I’m not seeing a captcha in Firefox or IE on my end. maybe you should write your own using PHP’s PEAR modules. you can make it really big and bold and span multiple lines and everything, I actually have a script for that around here somewhere. hehe.

  • Tom

    yeap I didn’t see no captcha..

    should I put a casino link ad, or sexual commentary with inappropriate webcam links, in here so you’ll feel right at home with the rest of the spam? LOL!!!

  • Brandon Fuller

    Yes, spam away! Its pretty brutal. I think I know why its happening though.

    MT4 upgrade is free. Its a great product but has some issues like anything else.

  • Hey B- No CAPTCHA and what in the heck are these blue logos next to each comment?

  • Brandon Fuller

    @Marce: CAPTCHAs don’t appear on the most recent entry. Its weird. Reported to Six Apart. The blue logo is something I was trying. Its your Gravatar. Check it out at

  • I’m having a lot of trouble even installing mt4 to be honest. i’ve tried everything including different combinations of setups :(.

  • Have you any suggestions for some nice free themes for MT 4.3? Any help appreciated :).

  • Yusrizal Rizal