Now Playing: A Winamp Plugin

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I gave up. Moved to open source on GitHub.

Other Editions: iTunes for Windows | iTunes for Mac OS X | Windows Media Player



The Now Playing plugin allows you to easily publishing what you are listening to! The end result is something that could look like this on your web site!

Winamp allows you to install plugins that can do various tasks for you. The Now Playing plugin monitors the song you are listening to and publishes the data in various ways:

  1. Creates a XML file with information on that song. A file called now_playing.xml is created in your Now Playing plugin directory.
  2. The plugin also offers you the ability to FTP/SFTP that file to a server of your choosing after its updated.
  3. Create a ping with the song information.
  4. Post information on Twitter.
  5. Post information on Facebook.

The idea is that you publish the XML up to your web server and then through some scripting magic, you can display your currently playing song or your recently played tracks. To make your web site more interactive, the plugin also retrieves the following information for you to use:

  1. URL of the album image cover art from (if found).
  2. Link to the product page for the CD (if found).
  3. Link to the Apple iTunes Music Store product page with the song highlighted within iTunes (if found).

Installation Instructions

  1. Run the installer.
  2. Start Winamp.
  3. The configuration screen will come up right away the first time you run Winamp after installing. Fill in whatever information suits you and hit OK when you are done.
  4. Play a song!


About: Get version information.

Now Playing Options - About

Options: Configure a few basic options for the plugin.

  • Publish Stop: If you want the plugin to publish a message when you stop playing music. The playlist in the XML will be emptied but it is still cached for the next time you fire up the player.
  • Clear Playlist: When the player exits, you can choose to keep or clear the playlist memory for the plugin.
  • Playlist Delay: The playlist will only keep a new entry if it plays for at least the amount of time specified. If you change tracks before the time elapses, the playlist entry for the song you skipped will be overwritten with the next song. So instead of advancing the oldest item off the list, it leaves the items in tact and just overwrites the prior.
  • Skip Shorter Than: If a track is shorter than this number of seconds, the track will be skipped from all output interfaces (XML, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). This is helpful if you have short sound effects in your playlist that you do not want to publish. If set to 0, the setting is effectively disabled and all tracks will be published.
  • Skip Kinds: If a track matches this list of kinds, the track will be skipped from all output interfaces (XML, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). This is helpful if you don’t want to publish video, for example. This is a comma separated list of values. The value for each kind should be taken from the XML’s kind tag.
  • Logging: If you are not getting the results you expect from the plugin, you may want to enable logging. A file called NowPlaying-Log.txt will be generated in the Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\Now Playing directory. If you contact me about an issue, I will be more likely to solve your issue if you send the log file with the event captured at the debug log level.
Now Playing Options - General

XML: Configure some options for the XML file that will be generated.

  • Output File: Specify the location of the file that is created when the song changes. This file will be uploaded to your FTP/SFTP server if configured to do so. You may use date/time formatting codes, such as %Y, in the filename.
  • Encoding: Select which type of encoding your want for the XML. UTF-8 is the recommended choice.
  • XSL URL: This URL will be insert into your XML. You may leave the it empty if you do not use that functionality.
  • Wrap XML tag values with CDATA: Some song properties have odd characters inside of them and you may need to safely encode the XML depending on your parser.
  • Playlist Length: Enter the total number of songs that you want to publish in the XML file.
Now Playing Options - XML

Upload: Enter your server information to configure FTP/SFTP. Be sure that you have permission on your server to upload the file.

  • Protocol: Choose from None, FTP, and SFTP.
  • Hostname: Your FTP/SFTP server name or IP address.
  • Username: Your FTP/SFTP login.
  • Password: Your FTP/SFTP password.
  • Filename: You may use date/time formatting codes, such as %Y, in the filename.
Now Playing Options - Upload

Ping: The plugin can send an HTTP POST request when the song changes. The request is sent after the upload of the XML file, if configured. Each of the XML tag names for the track are posted as fields.

  • URL: Enter a URL that will receive the POST request.
  • Extra Info: Enter a value that will be sent as a HTTP header called X-NowPlaying. You can use this to set a secret value that your script looks for to prevent unauthorized use.
Now Playing Options

Twitter: The plugin can post a tweet with what you are listening to.

  • Enabled: Turn the feature on or off.
  • Rate Limit: Enter the minimum number of minutes between tweets. This is used to comply with Twitter’s rate limiting. Also helps so you don’t annoy the crap out of your followers with a tweet for every track you play.
  • Message: Enter the text that you want to post for each new song that plays. You can use a combination of the tags listed below the field for the song data. The text will be substituted and should be less than 140 characters (Twitter limit).
  • Setup: You need to complete the three phase setup to add and authorize the plugin to work with Twitter. 1) Press Authorize to launch a web browser and give Now Playing access. 2) You will get a PIN from Twitter that you enter in the field. 3) Verify the PIN by pressing Verify. 4) You should see your Twitter name appear there with an option to reset if you want to start over or remove the association.
Now Playing Options - Twitter

Facebook: The plugin can update your Facebook news feed with what you are listening to.

  • Enabled: Turn the feature on or off.
  • Rate Limit: Enter the minimum number of minutes between posts. This is used to comply with Facebook’s rate limiting. Also helps so you don’t annoy the crap out of your friends with a post for every track you play. This is currently required to be 30 minutes or more because of Facebook’s ban on spammy apps.
  • Caption: Enter the text that you want to post for each new song that plays. You can use a combination of the tags listed below the field for the song data.
  • Description: Enter the text that you want for the description of the news feed item for each new song that plays. You can use a combination of the tags listed below the field for the song data.
  • Setup: You need to complete the two phase setup to add and authorize the plugin to work with Facebook. Press each of the buttons in sequence and follow the instructions. You should see your Facebook name appear there with an option to reset if you want to start over or remove the association when you have completed the steps.
Now Playing Options - Facebook

Amazon: The plugin will query for additional information about your song, such as a link and the album image cover.

  • Enabled: Turn the lookup on or off.
  • Locale: Choose “us” for Amazon in the US, “ca” for Amazon in Canada, “uk” for Amazon in the United Kingdom, “de” for Amazon in Germany, or “jp” for Amazon in Japan.
  • Associate ID: Amazon allows you to collect referral fees on items sold when users click-through from your site. Enter your associate ID here.
Now Playing Options - Amazon

Apple: The plugin will query Apple’s iTunes Music Store for additional information about your song, such as a link.

  • Enabled: Turn the lookup on or off.
  • Affiliate ID: Want to receive a commission when users click-through and buy songs from your site at the iTunes Music Store? Join the Apple iTunes Affiliate program. Find out what your Affiliate ID is and plug it in here.
Now Playing Options - Apple

License: If and when you purchase a license, you will enter your registration information on the license tab. Enter the e-mail address you used for the PayPal transaction and the license key I sent you after the purchase.

Now Playing Options - License


The XML has the following format for a single song playlist. If you configure the playlist for more than 1 entry, there will be multiple song tags.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<now_playing playing="1" timestamp="2004-05-24T23:12:46-07:00">

<song timestamp="2004-05-24T23:12:46-07:00">


<artist>Linkin Park</artist>






<comments>I like it.</comments>










<composer>Brandon Fuller</composer>






Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: I lost my registration key. Can you resend it?
    A: You can retrieve it yourself here.
  • Q: How do I uninstall the plugin?
    A: Go to the Windows Control Panel, choose Add/Remove Programs, and then select Now Playing.
  • Q: How can I get a debug log?
    A: Go to the plugin’s configuration screen and select the Options tab. For Logging, select Debug. Reproduce your issue now. A file called NowPlaying-Log.txt will be generated in the Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\Now Playing directory.
  • Q: How can I get back to the configuration screen?
    A: Go to the Winamp Options menu, then choose Preferences. On the left side, choose Plugins/General Purpose. Then look for Now Playing on the right side. Select it then press the “Configure selected plug-in” button below.
  • Q: Why aren’t my Amazon or Apple links populated in the XML?
    A: It is because the Amazon or Apple search engine cannot find the album. These engines can be picky at times.
  • Q: Can you show me how to parse the XML file on my server?A: Sure. This sample will work for a single song or multiple songs.
    $file = "now_playing.xml";
    $xml_parser = xml_parser_create();
    if ( is_file( $file ) )
    $fp = fopen( $file, "r" );
    $data = fread( $fp, filesize( $file ) );
    fclose( $fp );
    xml_parse_into_struct( $xml_parser, $data, $vals, $index );
    xml_parser_free( $xml_parser );
    if ( $debug )
    echo "<pre>";
    echo "Index array\n";
    echo "\nVals array\n";
    echo "</pre>\n\n";
    if ( $vals[ $index["NOW_PLAYING"][0] ]["attributes"]["PLAYING"] == 1 )
    foreach ( $index["TITLE"] as $i => $j )
    $title = $vals[ $index["TITLE"][$i] ]["value"];
    if ( strlen( $title ) > 0 )
    $artist = $vals[ $index["ARTIST"][$i] ]["value"];
    $album = $vals[ $index["ALBUM"][$i] ]["value"];
    $genre = $vals[ $index["GENRE"][$i] ]["value"];
    $kind = $vals[ $index["KIND"][$i] ]["value"];
    $track = $vals[ $index["TRACK"][$i] ]["value"];
    $year = $vals[$index["YEAR"][$i] ]["value"];
    $comments = $vals[ $index["COMMENTS"][$i] ]["value"];
    $time = $vals[ $index["TIME"][$i] ]["value"];
    $bitrate = $vals[ $index["BITRATE"][$i] ]["value"];
    $playcount = $vals[ $index["PLAYCOUNT"][$i] ]["value"];
    $compilation = $vals[ $index["COMPILATION"][$i] ]["value"];
    $urlamazon = $vals[ $index["URLAMAZON"][$i] ]["value"];
    $urlapple = $vals[ $index["URLAPPLE"][$i] ]["value"];
    $imagesmallurl = $vals[ $index["IMAGESMALL"][$i] ]["value"];
    $imageurl = $vals[ $index["IMAGE"][$i] ]["value"];
    $imagelargeurl = $vals[ $index["IMAGELARGE"][$i] ]["value"];
    $composer = $vals[ $index["COMPOSER"][$i] ]["value"];
    $grouping = $vals[ $index["GROUPING"][$i] ]["value"];
    $urlsource = $vals[ $index["URLSOURCE"][$i] ]["value"];
    $filename = $vals[ $index["FILE"][$i] ]["value"];
    echo "Now Playing is " . $title . " by " . $artist;
    echo "Now Playing is stopped.";
  • Q: I don’t understand all of this PHP stuff but I still want to do all these cool things. Can you help?
    A: Ok, I have zipped up the actual code I use on my own web site. You can download it and use it for your site or as a starter. Please don’t mail me to customize it for you. I don’t have time. So to use this: 1) Take the zip file and extract and place the files on your PHP-enabled web server. 2) Put the images into /images on your server. 3) Insert the following code in the web page that you want to display the music.

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


I have done my fair share of free plugins lately. This one took a little more work so I decided to release it as shareware. So download the plugin and test it out. Make sure it does what you want. Once you are happy, order the licensed version for $5. You will receive a registration key via e-mail once I receive your purchase confirmation from PayPal. Oh yeah — be cool and keep your registration to yourself.

Also, if you would, you can put the Now Playing badge on your web site with a link back to this page. The more people that donate, the more I will be asked to develop new and interesting features that you will be able to take advantage of!

Now Playing

Here is the code for your site:


<a href="">

<img src="" alt="Now Playing" />




Download the current version from the link below. Past versions are not archived.

Download Now Playing for Winamp Installer (2.2 MB)

Version History

A chronological list of how we got here.

v3.9.4.0 — 2013-11-11
  • Updated to work with Apple’s new iTunes affiliate program. Sign up here.
v3.9.3.0 — 2013-03-15
  • Fixed Facebook integration. Again. Facebook started doing something “smart” when we give them URLs to Amazon albums. It blows away all your custom text and uses text scraped from Amazon. This does not appear to happen with iTunes links. I use iTunes anyway. So I switched to iTunes links and they seem to be showing up more like they are intended, in most cases. In some cases, you continue to get an iTunes text scrape with it. The other choice would be to remove the link all together which might be the next answer.
  • Changed the default Facebook message because “actor” no longer works.
  • Removed Facebook rate limit limit of 30 minutes.
v3.9.2.3 — 2013-03-03
  • Fixed Twitter authorization issue after Twitter changed OAuth endpoint.
v3.9.2.2 — 2012-12-01
  • Fixed error where plugin thinks its the first run if XML file not configured.
v3.9.2.1 — 2012-10-16
  • Fixed Twitter posting. Again. Some users getting “bad authorization” with code 215.
v3.9.2.0 — 2012-10-11
  • Fixed Twitter posting. Twitter deprecated the API the plugin used.
v3.9.0.5 — 2012-02-28
  • Fixed logging configuration user interface that I busted.
v3.9.0.4 — 2012-02-12
  • Lower Facebook Rate Limit to 30 minutes minimum.
v3.8.1.3 — 2011-05-31
  • Fixed issue with Amazon lookups involving dots, underscores, and tildes in the artist or album name.
  • Prevent use of email addresses as Amazon Associate IDs as those are not valid.
v3.8.1.2 — 2011-05-03
  • Internal updates to support usage tracking.
v3.8.1.1 — 2011-04-27
  • Facebook rate limit fixed at 360 minutes.
v3.8.1.0 — 2011-04-26
  • Facebook integration has been restored. Details.
v3.8.0.9 — 2011-03-15
  • Fixed issue where some Amazon cover art wasn’t being displayed in Facebook news feed posts because of URL encoding issues.
v3.8.0.8 — 2011-02-25
  • Changed default rate limits from 60 to 0 to prevent user confusion.
v3.8.0.4 — 2010-08-11
  • Apple changed the iTunes Link Maker again. Updated to work with new API.
v3.8.0.3 — 2010-04-28
  • Removed Facebook error message dialog box. Message in error log.
v3.8.0.2 — 2010-03-13
  • Fixed issue where some international characters were not displayed properly in Twitter and Facebook messages and screen names.
  • Fixed issue where Facebook description value was not saved.
  • Fixed issue where Facebook message in news feed only had cover art and no text.
v3.8.0.1 — 2010-03-06
  • Changed kind field to always use the extension of the file.
v3.8.0.0 — 2010-03-02
  • Added ability to customize the Facebook description for posting news feed items. Previously, it posted the comments field.
  • Added ability to skip kinds of media. Maybe you don’t want to post video updates, for example.
  • Changed Facebook news feed items so that they do not post as status if no Amazon URL is found.
v3.7.0.3 — 2010-02-25
  • Fixed issue where Apple iTunes lookup did not deal with non-ASCII characters properly.
v3.7.0.2 — 2010-02-10
  • Fixed issue where Twitter OAuth signatures were too short because of a buffer issue. Prevented authorization in some cases.
v3.7.0.1 — 2010-02-09
  • Fixed issue where Twitter Rate Limit option not being stored properly.
  • Add more debug logs for Twitter authorization process to help troubleshooting.
v3.7.0.0 — 2010-02-07
  • Changed Facebook option to publish to status or news feed. You must perform the 1, 2, 3 setup on the configuration page again. More info.
  • Changed Twitter option to use OAuth login.
  • Added rate limit option to Twitter.
v3.6.6.0 — 2010-01-23
  • Added “Skip Shorter Than” to Options configuration.
  • Moved comments to DISQUS for better interaction.
v3.6.5.4 — 2009-11-09
  • Apple changed iTunes links again.
v3.6.5.3 — 2009-08-18
  • Amazon began requiring requests to be signed so signatures added.
  • Expose file as a ping parameter.
v3.6.5.2 — 2009-04-03
    • Updated Winamp detection for installer.


v3.6.5.1 — 2009-03-16
      • Reports of install failures so upgraded DLL registration method in NSIS.
v3.6.5.0 — 2009-01-05
      • Added timestamp and hasAmazon tags to Facebook function.
      • Added default Facebook message.
      • Fixed Apple lookup for new server URL.
v3.6.4.3 — 2008-12-04
      • Fixed issue with using File->Play File menu.
v3.6.4.2 — 2008-11-17
      • Added support for new Facebook profile.
      • Added file permission checks in installer for log and XML files.
v3.6.4.1 — 2008-07-08
      • Stopped URL encoding Facebook image URLs because Facebook does not like them anymore.
      • Added urlAmazon as a Facebook tag.
v3.6.4.0 — 2008-02-20
      • Migrating to Amazon Associates Web Service 4.0.
v3.6.3.0 — 2007-08-18
      • Removed FTP and SFTP warning dialog boxes. All errors are logged in the log instead.
v3.6.2.0 — 2007-08-05
      • Added file name element to various outputs.
v3.6.1.0 — 2007-08-03
      • Added Amazon image tags to Facebook output tags.
      • Adjusted list of Facebook output tags based on plugin edition.
v3.6.0.1 — 2007-07-17
      • Added Facebook “Add Application” button.
      • Fixed incorrect error message on Facebook authorize.
v3.6.0.0 — 2007-07-05
      • Added Facebook support.
v3.5.0.0 — 2007-03-22
      • Added Twitter support.
v3.4.1.1 — 2007-01-21
      • First release!


For questions, suggestions, bug reports, and anything else, please e-mail or leave a comment. Please be sure to review the FAQ above before asking a question. Requests from those who have donated receive higher priority.

I am also trying to offer updates and support via Twitter. Follow nowplayingtool.

  • Richard Hicks

    Hi Brandon,

    Amazing plug-in here, I understand you’ve added the functionality for your program to send a X-NowPlaying header value, only thing is I have no idea how to access this using PHP I can set headers fine with header(location: for example, but I’ve no idea how to retrieve a particular header.

    Any help you could give with this would be much appreciated.

    I’m using your plug-in for the basis of my final year university project (need to extract track information as part of a larger program) at Cardiff University (in the UK), fully intend on purchasing a licence for it as soon as I have some spare cash, so any help you could give me would be much appreciated.


    Richard Hicks


  • Richard Hicks

    Thank you so much! 🙂 I’ve been doing this for the last 10 hours trying to figure that out, and that must be the only permutation I havent tried.

    Thank you once again.

  • F. Renton Kovaks

    I’m interested in using the plugin to display album art on my site, but is it possible to totally remove the B&N links from the php code and have it just display the No Artwork available graphic instead? I does not want to do it when I try..

  • Are you planning any support for Shoutcast stream metadata? We have a scrolling LED sign in our office that displays a bunch of info, including currently-playing music, but we haven’t found a now playing plugin that supports Shoutcast yet…

  • Muzo

    I second that request for Shoutcast stream metadata. There’s nothing out there..

  • There is a free version of this plugin (not by brandon) floating around the net, tried it, sheit compared to this one totaly worth the money!

  • alan

    Hello it’s possible for shoutcast?

  • mark

    hey i cant add my license key to my winamp can you tell me how to please

  • Brandon Fuller

    Open the plugin preferences. Options->Preferences from the Winamp menu bar. Then scroll down to Plugins->General Purpose. Find Now Playing in the list. Highlight and click Configure. There is a license tab there.

  • I can’t uninstall the Now Playing plugin; when I use the Windows “Add/Remove Programs” it seems to work OK:

    Could not load: C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\Now Playing\NowPlaying.dll

    Delete file: C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\Now Playing\NowPlaying-Log.txt

    Delete file: C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\Now Playing\NowPlaying-Uninstall.exe

    Remove folder: C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\Now Playing


    But when I reboot and login, starting WinAmp gives me a pop-up saying Now Playing is being run for the first time!

    How can I remove it completely?

  • Oops, the uninstaller had a bug. Fixed.

  • Gareth

    I want to buy this plugin, but I use winamp(pc) at home and itunes(pc/mac) at the office, will I need separate licenses for all 3 versions?

    And also, is it possible to make the playlist delay feature also work for waiting to execute the “ping”, instead of always going right on the song start?

    thanks, great plugin!

  • Yeah, you have to buy each.

    I will look into the delay for ping. It should do that now.

  • Chris

    Hi Brandon,

    I’ve noticed that certainly the ping aspect of the plugin only seems to work with playlists or with the first song you start when you open Winamp otherwise. For example, the first song I listen to (via Play File on the File menu) works fine, but if I use that method again for any more songs there is no ping attempt.

    If I drag all the relevant songs into a small playlist and either wait for the song to play or hit next to go into the song, the HTTP POST happens immediately.

    Is this a design feature or something which can be fixed?


  • Chris, this issue has been fixed in version Thanks for reporting.

  • bin

    This works for windows live messenger???

    O sea, sorry mi malisimo ingles, anda para windows live messenger???

  • Angel


    I’m installed the FB app and the plugin in my WinAmp.

    Really: Doesnt work!


  • kin3tic


    Could you please give me steps to show what i’m currently playing with Winamp/WMP at my webcam stream (scrolling text). Do I’ve to use a thirdparty plugin like Webcammax ? I tried to select Webcammax in the now playing menu but with no luck… I tried also to copy/paste { } as a text but same…

  • Pim Schaaf

    Neat concept, works great!

  • Per Nielsen

    Is it possible to use this for a USB winamp? I use a usb stick with winamp.

  • I have set up the plugin to make a list of the 50 most recent songs played (just purchased the full version). How can I extract the timestamp for *each* song, so that I can show when it was played?

    I can see that each song has a timestamp recorded under SONG – attributes – TIMESTAMP, but my xml parsing skills are somewhat rusty, so I can’t figure out how to retrieve it!

  • zeroaphex

    Hello, I tried your FB plugin but no updates. Is there something special I have to do?

  • Edwin

    Is it possible to set this up to display streaming radio. My messenger plugins do this. Thanks!

  • vyr

    twitter part doesn’t work, only “message” not song name

  • Jak Matalon

    It does not display song name for twitter

  • Just tested to be sure it works and it did just fine. See my tweet:

    So if you could send me a debug log, I can take a look at what is going on in your case. Instructions for the log are in the FAQ.

  • Hi, Im looking for now playing script which can put for my website, load from my shoutcast. This xml script i dono how to makeup into my html page? just select the 10 song history and current playing list.

    Any ready made script available?

  • There is one in the FAQ.

  • George

    Is it working with MSN Messenger Live?

  • Hi Brandon Fuller, Thanks for your quick reply.

    I think this script will work if i modify through php, and refer to the xml tag.

    May i request 1, do you have login shoutcast and get the now_palying details? IF the script have $host, $port, $IP address, $adminpass. Cause i do this radio page for my friend, he is at UK and his shoutcast server run at his native home at Malaysia. So he unable to install Now_Playing plugins at the moment.

  • BF, your download link cannot download completely, show download corrupted. Can you make another mirror?

  • Seemed ok but I reposted, verified the size, and the MD5. Give it a try.

  • brandon, I am using BSI Simian for radio automation. This software spits out a .html file that transfers to for current song playing. What I would like to do is figure out how to get a ping to the shoutcast server with the current song playing as well!!! Can you help me? The number is (316) 737-8417!!!! Please call me!

  • chris

    hi, just a similar question to one post up there that perhaps went unnoticed. after digging around a while on google i still can’t find a way to get the ‘now playing’ info into text that shows/scrolls in a live video streaming window (ustream, to be exact, where text can be highlighted and made into http links). can’t quite figure how it would be possible, but i’m pretty sure there’s a way, and i think your plugin looks like the most promising. (works brilliantly in facebook.) if it’s possible to accomplish this setup i’d of course be happy to purchase a key from you. cheers.

  • Graham

    Brandon — I recently purchased the full version and have set my playlist length to 25 songs. However, even after restarting Winamp, the Facebook app still only shows 1 song at a time. Is there something I’m missing? I’m using Winamp 5.56. Thanks in advance.

  • breezy

    Hi Brandon,

    Please dont ignore comments related to shoutcast and this your wonderful invention.The pair might just be bigger than you think.There are a lot of broadcasters out there who have been having sleepless nights over this because a majority of the broadcasters dont use winamp but mostly use shoutcast as a server to broadcast there stream.If i may suggest,just creating a space in the now playing plugin for shoutcast so that we could fill out the box – USERNAME – PASSWORD – PORT – URL,


  • breezy

    Hello Brandon,

    I could not find the script for shoutcast in the FAQ page.

  • Hello Brandon,

    I have a 2 server setup.

    NS1 is winamp with your plugin installed. Nice work btw great plugin.

    NS2 is my web server for all my websites.

    My question is about the now_playing.xml and now_playing.php.

    The .xml is pointing to the album img on NS1 i was wondering if there is away to FTP the album art to NS2 along with the xml file.

    It works fine if I have everything on one server but the xml tag is pointing to the wrong sever. any advice?


  • That’s what the Upload tab in the plugin is for. Configure your NS2 server there to FTP to it.

  • Nick

    Is there a web site where some one has this working I could take a look at?

  • I use it here on the homepage of my blog. In the sidebar.

  • partly

    app not show now playing song in my wall but show in the box profile???/

  • v3.7.0.0 released does the wall. Prior versions did the profile box.

  • MarkRH

    Trying and when I click on the Authorize button in the Twitter tab, nothing happens. No browser is launched. Firefox 3.6 is my default browser. Using Windows XP Home w/ SP3 and IE 8 also installed.


  • fiona

    I get an error when trying to authorize the twitter it tells me that it cannot authosrise?

  • Send me the debug log via email. Instructions in FAQ.

  • peter

    can you upload a title to a shoutcast server with this plugin?

  • No. Not from my understanding.

  • Zbigniew Szczesny

    Hi Brandon,

    I have sucessfully installed your “Now Playing” Winamp plugin and now my Facebook profile is updated with information about what I am actually playing in Winamp. Great! But I have two IMPORTANT questions now:

    1) Are there any additional features what will become enabled while I purchase the license?

    2) Is there any way to restrict information being passed to Facebook to music files only? I am not really so eager to inform everybody about movie titles I watch with Winamp – especially in case of adult movies – and it’s hard to constantly remember to switch the plugin on or off prior switching media. I encurage you to look how AMIP ( is organized and how it make a use of regular expressions, so one may select what media (through file extensions or tags) are supposed to be processed.

    Please feedback if feasible!



  • 1. No. It only removes the 5 play restriction limit.

    2. Yes. On the Option tab, look at Skip Kinds. Its not a regular expression. Maybe someday.

  • jwagman1

    can you fix the installer so that you can choose where your winamp install directory is? i cannot install winamp to the /program files/ directory so it thinks i do not have winamp installed…..

  • jwagman1

    can you fix the installer so that i can choose where the winamp directory is located?

    it says winamp not installed because it is not in the /Program Files/ directory and i cannot install it there on this computer…


  • The installer looks for where Winamp is registered at. This is done by inspecting the registry value at:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\winamp.exe

    Your value there apparently does not actually point to where you have Winamp installed. Please correct it and install will proceed.

  • Hi,

    once you have chosen your settings.. How do you edit them again?

    Best Regards,


  • Answered in the FAQ.

  • Carroll Vance

    Wow… nice plugin man. I needed SFTP for the box I run irssi to irc on, needed an easy way to get my songs from winamp to the box and this was it! Definitly worth the $15 🙂 thanks man

  • Carroll Vance

    Running the Plugin on Windows 7 using SFTP, every so often winamp has been crashing. Any idea what could be causing this?

  • No known issues. You can send me the debug log when it crashes.

  • cesar

    Hello, could i use the plug in in two different computers and pull the data in to one web page?, should i use an “if”? so that the last winamp that was active is the one that is displayed…

  • Hey man, any chance you will add support for the BPM tag? I could really use that!

  • Hey man, I just re installed windows and lost my key. My email is, anyway you could resend my license? Does not look like it was in my inbox. Thanks!

  • There is a link in the FAQ for doing this.

  • Ahh Thanks man, I just realized I sent it to my other email account my paypal is linked to. Sorry about that. Got it up and running again!

  • Anon

    is there any option where the file name feature or the “file” tag would display its file name only? and not also its directory where the media file is located on your computer?

  • Nope. But you should be able to easily chop that off in a script.

  • Carroll Vance

    Well I had the crash hapen while running a debugger(ollydbg). There is a stack overflow. I cannot provide you with a good callstack because it has been completely destroyed.

    04EF1290 81EC 04040000 SUB ESP,404

    04EF1296 55 PUSH EBP ; kernel32.GetLastError

    Looks like in your module it is right before the call to kernel32.GetLastError.

    There are 5 calls in your DLL to the function that is crashing, here is one of them:

    04EF78D2 68 4897F104 PUSH gen_Bran.04F19748 ; ASCII “Error %d: Failed to create directory “%s””

    04EF78D7 68 58F2F104 PUSH gen_Bran.04F1F258

    04EF78DC E8 5F9AFFFF CALL gen_Bran.04EF1340

    04EF78E1 83C4 10 ADD ESP,10

    04EF78E4 33C0 XOR EAX,EAX

    04EF78E6 5F POP EDI

    04EF78E7 5E POP ESI

    04EF78E8 5B POP EBX

    04EF78E9 C3 RETN


    04EF78EC 68 8496F104 PUSH gen_Bran.04F19684 ; ASCII “C:\Orion\Workspace\Hacks\NowPlaying\Common\Src\Utilities.cpp”

    04EF78F1 B9 58F2F104 MOV ECX,gen_Bran.04F1F258

    04EF78F6 C705 80F4F104 95>MOV DWORD PTR DS:[4F1F480],295

    04EF7900 E8 FB97FFFF CALL gen_Bran.04EF1100

    04EF7905 56 PUSH ESI

    04EF7906 68 3097F104 PUSH gen_Bran.04F19730 ; ASCII “CreateDirectory = %s”

    04EF790B 68 58F2F104 PUSH gen_Bran.04F1F258

    04EF7910 E8 7B99FFFF CALL gen_Bran.04EF1290 <<< call function that crashes

    04EF7915 83C4 0C ADD ESP,0C

    04EF7918 5F POP EDI

    04EF7919 5E POP ESI

    04EF791A B8 01000000 MOV EAX,1

    04EF791F 5B POP EBX

    04EF7920 C3 RETN

    I hope this is helpful, winamp is crashing ever 20 minutes.

  • Carroll Vance

    I uninstalled and reloaded the plugin

    It appears to be fixed! wierd though.

  • Marcus Banks

    Hi, So far I am very happy with this app. My problem is, It has stopped the News Feed to Facebook and stopped showing the album info. It worked for the first 20 songs played.

    I do have an Amazon id filled in.

  • If you send me a debug log (instructions in FAQ), I can see why.

  • Nicklas

    it does the upload with title to now_playing.xml on my server , I have the now_playing.php in the same dir and put the script line in my html page in the same dir – but I dont understand how to get it to display in my html page – is there a html page where I can see this working?

  • I have it on my sidebar at

  • Tsumue

    Hi! I’m testing the NowPlaying latest plugin for Winamp. I have a song with a japanese name, but the UTF-8 isn’t working correctly in XML (it shows ????). Can you please test with any japanese song and release a fix to this problem. I’m sure it’s possible to do this, because gen_msn.dll plugin do it properly.

  • This app is constantly crashing WinAmp, even when it’s disabled.

    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

    Application Name: winamp.exe

    Application Version:

    Application Timestamp: 4c3b43ea

    Fault Module Name: gen_BrandonFullerNowPlaying.dll

    Fault Module Version:

    Fault Module Timestamp: 4c62f5f8

    Exception Code: c00000fd

    Exception Offset: 00001296

    OS Version: 6.1.7600.

    Locale ID: 1033

    Additional Information 1: 920a

    Additional Information 2: 920aba35704b9a046f168f585bdda8c1

    Additional Information 3: aa84

    Additional Information 4: aa84e0d83d62716e25538a3e9a97eff7

  • Sorry. Not getting other reports of that so it might be some unexpected configuration. Can you get me a full crash dump or my plugin’s debug log (instructions in FAQ)?

  • Tsumue

    Please do reply me if this is possible or not. Thanks:

    “I have a song with a japanese name, but the UTF-8 isn’t working correctly in XML (it shows ????). Can you please test with any japanese song and release a fix to this problem. I’m sure it’s possible to do this, because gen_msn.dll plugin do it properly.”

  • It is in other players but maybe Winamp isn’t working. Shares code. Will have to check.

  • Tsumue

    I see. Well, please do check. I hope it can be easily fixable.

  • Tsumue

    So, any luck trying to fix the UTF issue?

  • I am traveling on business and have not had time.

  • Don’t try that! After installation my winamp doesn’t work anymore and I can’t find a solution to solve the problem. fuck it!

  • What are you talking about?

  • Bnfg

    İs that for wlm 2011?

  • Djd_hex

    The plugin works flawlessly except that the XML data does not contain any information about the “Stream name” when I play mp3 streams.Any help will be appreciated.

  • Djd_hex


    Linkin Park






    I like it.





    Brandon Fuller


    The format should contain also entry when playing the online radio stations streams.

    Any intention to have that function ?

    Thank you.

  • No, haven’t found a way to get the info.

  • Demonhunter787

    This is really annoying since you set it to spam, defeat you shitty coding by setting computer calender back a year, enjoy never getting my 15$ since you spam like a fucking kid, learn to code i bench 350lbs fight me irl

  • Please, put down your crack pipe.

  • Yeah, yeah. After all that weird comments something important… Were you able to check the UTF-8 (Japanese Glyphs) issue? Just remember to do it when you have time to.

  • Manuel Larrea

    Hi Brandon,

    I like the software, updates on Twiiter and Facebook are great. I have a small online radio and I’m working on my website to see the cover art, artist, year and comments in my webpage. Is difficult for me, I do not know PHP, but I’m working on it. In your software I see that many titles there are no cover art on Amazon and iTunes. I would like the cover art is also displayed from the option ‘google images’ tag, (see radio?shure! software ) tjiswould be fabulous. Is it possible to do in your plug-in? Add a “Google” tag option?. I stream from Winamp.

    Another question:

    I live in Ecuador, South America, and depositing the money at Western Union, it is easier for me is not easy by PayPal in my country.


    Manuel Larrea

  • Hearing more about wanting to use Google. Considering it.

    If PayPal doesn’t work, I can take Amazon or iTunes gift certificates.

  • Justin

    The college radio station for which I work uses an automation system (stationplaylist studio) to play automation, and that software uses Winamp to play the music files/playlists. Other users have purchased and use the now playing plug-in to display the information to a website as well as the social media outlets available.

    I downloaded/purchased the plug-in, and installed it. I copied the DLL to the studioplaylist plugins folder, as recommended by the people using stationplaylist, however, the plug-in only sends information when I actually stop and restart the automation software; the automated music does not send anything. Any clues/suggestions?

    ALSO – the person listed as having written a WordPress widget does not have that on their site.

  • how can i install Now playing when “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\winamp.exe”

    does not exist

  • Winamp has been setting that value for years to point to the install location. The plugin uses that. If not found, then set it yourself and it will pass. You can delete when done if you don’t like it.

  • Hi Brandon, I am sending you graphic information in these links:

    The information you can extract file from winamp:

    Sometime there are cover Artwork for the song Artist that can not be found on Amazon & iTunes, but the software radio? sure! it finds no problems from Google Images. Ex.

    For example, compare cover artworks from Radio?Sure! software

    View my radio in (click on headset icon).

    Best Regards

    Manuel Larrea

  • how could be installed on a winamp portable version??

  • Not familiar with it. But basically, the plugin DLL needs to be copied into the DLL directory for Winamp. Some folks install it on a desktop computer, then just copy the file to the appropriate place I have heard.

  • can not view any album cover on my wnamp list 🙁

  • how can i add new album cover sources to now_playin.php? Because it can’t find any cover.

  • On Winamp, all the art is based on lookups. Be sure its matching there.

  • thx i will look again.

  • Witt

    Hi, how is it possible to uninstall the plugin on Mac. You give the answer about a PC but not about a Mac and I’m not able to uninstall it. Thanks

  • This is the winamp page. Look on the Mac version page:

  • Emptyfuel76

    i downloaded and was going to have it post to twitter and link my twitter to facebook just to see how it worked out, unfortunately i discovered this after fb banned your app. Totally sucks cause i have been trying to find a Winamp now playing to facebook app and the first 2 i found either didn’t work or dont work anymore.

    Definately willing to pay for a license if i could get this thing working.

    Your plug in looked promising until i read your details on why integration with fb is suspended.

    Anyways when i am in the config on twitter tab, and click on [1. Authorize] i get an error that states… unable to authorize with twitter at this time. Have you been baned from twitter too or do i need a twitter client loaded on my machine for that to work?

  • Twitter works fine. I have the FB Twitter app installed and it publishes over. Not quite the same but it does the job for now. Still thinking through other FB options.

  • Is there a way to post to a Facebook Public figure page versus your personal page?

  • Not at this time.

  • im guessing fb stopped ur app posting ? is there an update or something in the making ? cause its something i would defo invest $15 into 😛 lemmie know on msn or FB .

  • The Facebook fix is already out. There have been several blog posts about it. Just update.

    Read more:

  • Smooth_robbie2000

    I am new with with this so bare with me. I did exactly what is written in this step by step configuration but I am stuck at what to do next after configuration of the plugin. How do I get it to show on my website? what files if any dod I need to add for it to show on my site?Please help.

  • You need to write some code to get it to show up.  I have included a sample ZIP file that I use on my web site.  You can use that as a starting point.  Its linked in the FAQ.

  • Smooth_robbie2000

    I used that and all I get is a white page. Not sure what I did wrong.

  •  The zip file contains a PHP file that produces JavaScript.  You have to include that code in a SCRIPT tag on another page that you already have.

  • Smooth_robbie2000

    I did. I added this code  in the page that I want the “now playing” to show but I get a blank page instead. Any help would be very appreciated. thanks in the page that I want the “now playing” to show but I get a blank page instead. Any help would be very appreciated. thanks

  • Smooth_robbie2000

    changed to my server address.

  •  Why not post a lnk to your actual site?  I can’t do anything with what you have given me.

  • Smooth_robbie2000 I am trying to show the plugin in an iframe inside a module in the home page after login. Thanks for helping me out.

  • Smooth_robbie2000

     this is the direct link I am using for the plugin.

  • The PHP file doesn’t seem to be executing for some reason.  There is no output from it even in debug mode.

  • Smooth_robbie2000

    is it something that can be fix?

  • Its up to you to get your PHP working.

  •  Just downloaded the latest and greatest now playing. When I try to authorize I get Unable to Authorize Twitter at this time

  • Its working for me and others today.  You can send me a debug log.  Instructions in the FAQ.

  • Marc

    Is it also possible to donate 5 dollars? Or is 15 the minimum?

  • KorKy


    This plugin seems awesome and I have successfully installed and registered it. I have also configured the Facebook tab and authenticated/validated succesfully. I do now see my name in the Facebook tag however it is not posting the song im changing to on facebook. I read through the instructions above and I dont understand what I am missing? please help

  • Tiago Louriceira

    Hello brandon, thx for coming up with a program that so many people are looking for! so i installed it exactly like you say on your instructions, and it worked fine, the first song i played came up on my facebook page! But afterwards… nothing. No matter if i replay the same song, choose a different song, enter and exit facebook, turn on or off winamp… it never works. Could you help me?

    I didn’t fill any of the menus regarding XML or UPLOAD because honestly i don’t know how to fill them correctly… i don’t know if that is the problem. It worked the first time…

  • If you are on the trial version, that’s all you will get.  Once you purchase, the restriction is removed.

  • 15

  • Jan van Buul

    Hmmm, followed the instructions you put up above here. I just want to use it for facebook. That is the only tab I changed something and registered at.

    Restarted my browser and winamp, just to be sure, but I do not get it to work, my wall doesnt show what I have been playing at all.

    Could you help out?



  • Facebook is the hardest integration to get working.  There are several steps.  If you have followed them all, then send me a debug log for further review.  Instructions in FAQ.

  • can you unlock Rate limit Facebook , not 360min ??

  • rate limit facebook 360min is too long time fou udate…? please unlock the rate limits 🙂

  • There is a whole history here with Facebook banning the plugin.  But I might revisit this in 2012.

  • Waiting for 2012 update. I think Facebook Timeline gives u better options to reactivate all this great stuff for FB.

  • I looked into it over the holiday and I don’t think its going to work.  Will try and explain in an upcoming blog post.

  • there r music app s for fb timeline as spotify, mog, earbits. i think u could make it work. Would be great!!!

  • Afflicto

    I freakin’ love this. It does exactly what I want it to do and much more 🙂 Thanks for the php parser example btw, I haven’t gotten into XML yet 😛

  • Why not add a feature that can output a template and just create a dropfile for something like Airomate (eg %title% by %artist% dropped in a text file so it can be read and inserted in RDS data by Airomate)

  • Just to confirm this plugin will not post to my facebook music timeline but will post as a status the details of the song i’m currently listening to?

    Cheers Jamie

  • Robert

    Is it possible to get the license back? My pc crashed and somehow I deleted the email message that has the license. Let me know where to send my info so that I can request the license.



  • There is a link in the FAQ.

  • Robert

    Thanks 🙂

  • Thalesmaniac


    I really liked ur Plugin and I was wondering if it could help me with this: I want to send my now playing info to a .txt file that will be read by other app for displaying. But that app doesnt support any coding, only the plain text, so the content of this file should be something like “artist – songname”. Is it possible to configure this plugin to do such a thing? Im totally lost here as I dont understand s*** about coding. I would gladly buy the registration key for it.

    Kind Regards,


  • Thalesmaniac

    Actually I kinda figured it out and managed to do what I wanted to do using that .xml file, but, if there is a way for the plugin to create a .txt file with only the artist and song name in it as I asked before, would be just perfect. Anyway I made the $5 donation and now im waiting for the registration key to be able to use the plugin properly. I paid through PayPal. Link for the Payment Transaction Confirmation E-mail:

    Best Regards,


  • Thalesmaniac

    Any chance of receiving this key today?

    Look forward to it, thx.


  •  The keys are autosent via PayPal.  Yours went out this morning the second you bought it.  If you didn’t see it, check your junk mail.  If you want it resent, there is a link in the FAQ.

  • Thalesmaniac

    Dunno whats going on, but I already sent the e-mail a dozen times and still not even one e-mail got to my inbox or my junkmail. There goes a screenshot so u can see Im the real thalesmaniac:

  • robbiew73

    Great program, works better than any other I’ve seen so far and just about to register. However, may have found a small bug. If you start to play a song in Winamp, the now_playing.xml file shows correctly as playing=”1″, when you press stop on the mp3 in Winamp the now_playing.xml file correctly switches to playing=”0″. However, if you play the same song again in Winamp, the now_playing.xml file appears not to be updated and playing is still set to playing=”0″. Can you have a check on your PC? Version used under Wn XP and Winamp 5. Thanks.

  • what I am playing in winamp isn’t showing up on my twitter is any one else runnning in to these issues? Hank

  • Twitter works pretty reliably. You can send me a log and I will tell you what’s up with yours. Instructions in FAQ.

  • robbiew73

    Have you managed to look at the issue yet Brandon – it’s been a month and it’s still an issue for me since I’ve registered.. Regards,

  • No. I suck. I am not near the source code for another 2 weeks.

  • Paul Carless

    Hi there, just tried downloading the latest version and I get an error when I try to install of “Installer integrity has failed” I tried downloading it again and got the same error.

  • Sausalito

    When I try to install it, it says “Winamp is not installed on this computer. Please install Winamp and then run this installation again.” Winamp IS installed on this computer (C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp). I am using Windows 7 – any ideas?

  • WInamp is supposed to set a registry setting to tell me where it is. Its at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\winamp.exe. The value is the path to the .EXE file. Not sure why its not set for you. Or maybe it points somewhere else?

  • ShadowyRealms

    As of 10/10/2012 at noon, PST, the Twitter element of NowPlaying has ceased to function for me. Is this a conflict with the new Twitter API, or is it just me?

  • Agreed. Something is up. Its not posting for me. Will address shortly.

  • ShadowyRealms

    Are you sure this is working? I downloaded and installed, restarted the machine for good measure and still nothing. I tried un-authorizing the plugin with Twitter, clearing cookies and re-authorizing, but still nothing.

  • Groundy

    Update/install to v3.9.2.0 but now playing still doesn’t work on twitter. Just like ShadowyRealms said 😉

  • Groundy

    Agreed with ShadowyRealms. NowPlaying v3.9.2.0 still doesn’t work on Twitter.

  • ShadowyRealms

    Actually, I’m on Winamp 5.56 and I see that Winamp is now up to 5.63. Could that be why the plugin isn’t working for me? Or does something else need to be added/upgraded before the new version of the plugin will work?

  • New version fixes it.

  • ShadowyRealms

    The plugin is working like a champ! Twitter updates are going out again. My page’s javascript isn’t pulling from Twitter anymore, but that’s just something I’ll have to work out on my own. Thank you for your continued attention to these posts and your support of this great plugin, Brandon!

  • Indonesian

    This is just superb, thank you Brandon. Greetings from Indonesia!

  • Groundy

    Thanks for the fix, Brandon 😉

  • boro

    Twitter is not wroking anymore.

  • Mark

    I love this plug in 😀 , however it only posts once on facebook. So i could listen to a whole album and it only posts the first song 🙁 i have re authorised it but it made no difference, works perfect with Twitter but I no longer use that. Is it just me?

  • robbiew73

    did you manage to fix this issue alongside the twitter bits you’ve been fixing recently?

  • No, sorry. not yet.

  • bestriddim

    Before i pay any money for this ,will this show what playing off my shoutcast radio to twitter and facebook from winamp,that’s only reason i’ll pay for it so can you let me known if it’s possible.

  • No, it will not.

  • There was an issue but it was resolved in Otherwise, its working fine.

  • Jay317

    I downloaded and purchased your plugin, it will populate the album in Facebook, but it doesn’t include the title or artist of the song. I have the setting in Winamp set as “I’m listening to by !” I’ve tried several reboots and enabling and disabling of the plugin. I’m running Win8 and Chrome is my browser. The XML file detects the artist and title. I’m not sure why this isn’t working properly .

  • Send me a debug log per the FAQ. I can’t troubleshoot in the comments.

  • seboultura

    that’s work ? i tried evaluation version but i don’t see and (my friends status too) the status on feeds

  • Been lookin’ all over the net for some plugin that fits my needs, yet it seems hard to find. When I play a song that I like I want to be able to e.g. right-click it in WInamp and choose to splash it in public, or better yet, a system-wide hotkey, e.g. so that I could press CTRL+SHIFT+T from whereever, and then post “► 106-beyonce_-_rather_die_young.mp3 ♫” in my feed. Your utility helps me about a third of the way. It (in contrary to many other similar plugins) lets me use %F to splash the filename, rather than data from the ID3 tags, however, it seems to include the entire path to the file, which is not a desired behavior. Second, I can’t seem to splash “manually” but only get the plugin to automatically post what I play, either non-stop (splashing all songs being played), or in certain intervals. Anyways, no option to do it fully manual. So, just thinking out loud here, is there any chance that further versions of your plugin could be able to accomplish what I’m looking for? 😉 Cheers!

  • kazuyan

    I love it so much! flawless for twitter XD

  • Sonny

    WinAmp Version. We are testing “now playing” with Twitter. We have been able to post. Our own information is displaying but no song or artist info is displaying. We get a “0” for a display. Can you help ?

  • Ryan

    Hey Brandon – Is there a way to get the dll code to change now playing features. I just want my XML output to say the title of the file or the track etc. Or is there a way to make it output that way? Want to use it locally on my computer rather that online for a project I’m working on.

  • I can’t help debug your script.

  • Ryan

    I’m no XML expert (even thought it’s probably super easy) so pardon my question but is there a way to take an xml tag out of nowplaying.xml and parse it into another xml file so that I can reference that tag only(say for instance)? For some reason, it’s not allowing the use of a nested tag in this program we’re using called LiveText. Thanks for the help either way man, truly appreciate it.

  • djSolar

    I’ve installed the plugin and it’s been running for a week now. My issue is with the option not to publish songs under 60sec. I have set the properties “skip shorter than” to 75 sec, yet it will publish a tweet of a commercial ad that is certainly within that window. Can you tell me what I have missed. Other than that, I love the plugin. ACES to you.

  • Rub

    Does this work with online radio? For example with url streaming

  • Darr247

    Here’s one for the FAQ – if I buy the WMP version and later decide to switch to Winamp (or iTunes, and/or buy a Mac), will my key work for those Now Playing plugins, too?


  • No, I sell them all independently.

  • Darr247

    NP… I knew I downloaded that VS 2010 Express ISO for *some*thing.

    Thanks for the prompt reply.

  • I’m not able to link my twitter account 🙁

  • can i use my itunes license for my winamp (mediamonkey) install? or do I need to pay again for another key? 🙂

  • Adam Albright

    Hey Brandon, I saw your page and wanted to ask a question in hopes you might be able to assist me with my problem. I recently switched to Windows 7 and reinstalled Winamp and all is well, except for the error message I receive each time I attempt to update file information. For example: when I want to change the title of a an album (should it be misspelled) I get the following error: Error updating file:F:\

    I then hit cancel at which point it updates say, one file of the ten which may comprise the album. Needless to say, it is tedious. I am hoping you might have a solution to pass on to me.

    Thanks in advance.


  • This doesn’t have anything to do with this plugin right?

  • Jamie Kitchens

    Hey Brandon,

    Love the program. I’m glad that you were able to code such a useful

    piece of software, it really is amazing. I tried the shareware

    version for a few minutes and it would display info on my news feed

    on Facebook. I tinkered a little and had it displaying the format

    that I liked. So, I was so impressed with the program that I went

    ahead and ordered the paid version. Now, for some

    reason it will no longer display ANYTHING on Facebook no matter what

    I try. The main reason I got the plug-in was for the Facebook feature. Any help would be very appreciated.

    P.s. Is there any way to alter the font size, color, style, etc. of

    the text that is displayed on Facebook? Can it be manipulated with

    html tagging in the caption and description settings under the

    Facebook tab in the plug-in itself?

  • Send in a debug log per the FAQ.

    Facebook doesn’t have any customization options.

  • Javier

    how to use in wordpress?

  • Tudor

    I’m getting this error in the error log: CreateInstance

    2013-11-27 22:51:52 Debug Utilities.cpp, 3885 0xE34 Begin WriteXML

    2013-11-27 22:51:52 Error Utilities.cpp, 4041 0xE34 CreateInstance failed (0x80040154)

    2013-11-27 22:51:52 Debug Utilities.cpp, 4049 0xE34 End WriteXML

    Because of this the now_playing.xml is not being created.

    got any ideas what this is happening?



  • Your Microsoft XML Parser is hosed. You can try updating it by downloading and installing. Here is a link to one version:

  • Tudor

    I’ve installed the XML parser but I have the same error:

    2013-11-30 16:25:05 Debug Utilities.cpp, 3885 0xB3C Begin WriteXML

    2013-11-30 16:25:05 Error Utilities.cpp, 4041 0xB3C CreateInstance failed (0x80040154)

    2013-11-30 16:25:05 Debug Utilities.cpp, 4049 0xB3C End WriteXML


  • Tom

    Cool product! Can you please add the ability to add Now Playing to a fb page? Thanks!

  • Dallas Zerr

    Hey, I just donated for the code. Looks pretty neat, hoping to using it for some basic streaming in programs like Xsplit and OBS. Though I haven’t gotten a registration key or anything yet. My payment is instant. just posting in case there was some kind of hiccup, would love to get to work ASAP.

  • Gentry Thomas

    I am using Player 101 and it outputs an xml file of what’s playing and it looks like so:

    –SongChris Knight-

    I’m trying to get winamp to read this xml file that is located on the desktop and then use that info to populate the now playing area. I have installed your product and need to know if it will accomplish this. If it does I will pay you double your asking price. I’m just not sure if your product does it…

    Thank You…

  • My XML is the format shown above. Unchangeable.

  • Eddie

    Hi, I understand the PHP and the principles of OAUTH, whatI want ‘now playing’ to do is simply place the artist and title on a tweet, based on what my radio station is playing. I see the and other tags (xml?) and when placed in the tweet template, they are not filled. I see the same behavior in the nowplaying.xml file. I am not using it to do now-playing for what I choose to play out of WinAMP, but instead from the stream – any help or ideas? thanks Brandon. I have also tried vars such as %artist% but all is treated as text. Eddie.

  • mark

    missed an important aspect of this usage. The artists are basically unknown and not available via amazon, with whom I am a partner and not available via iTunes, since they are un-signed and very new. Lookup using either is impossible, but the information is available in the stream as shown by WinAMP ie. Artist – Title. Thanks again Brandon

  • Tudor

    Hey Brandon! Can the facebook plugin post a message, with current song playing, to a Page that I am admin at (and not to post it on my profile)?

  • No. It could, but I haven’t done the code that would allow that to happen.

  • Joce

    just installed it to share stuffs on fb, but it does nothing.

  • Jocelyn Rapp

    oh wait… seems to work with twitter 🙂

  • Jocelyn Rapp

    but now we gotta have the album art picturte in the post mate …

  • Ted Barry

    Anyway to interface this with youtube, so that your friends can actually play a video of the song?

  • Guest

    Can this be linked to youtube, so your friends can play the video of the song?

  • Eddie Baker

    Brandon, why does it just post with artist and title blank? the other text from the template for the tweet is there, just no and and WinAMP shows the info?????

  • Artur Grigorjev

    So.. I installed.. connected it with facebook, but It doesent seem to post anything..(caption default, rate 15min)

  • JON

    Error with the twitter option, does not load new browser to authorise [Error Utilities.cpp, 2275 0x8DC Ping failed with 12045 Debug Utilities.cpp, 2311 0x8DC End DoTwitterAuthorize]

  • Tomás Navarrete

    Doesn’t works on facebook.

  • Redgrunt

    The winamp plugin is working almost fine for me but the xml file is being erased every time winamp is restarded, wether the “clear checklist” option is being checked or not. Any clues, please ?

  • Alejandro

    Brando excellent greetings Application started to use the day yesterday on my lapto and it works perfectly on all networks . but now install the plugin winamp radio pc and configure facebook perfectly but Twitter will not let me set it up and gives me this error message “unable to authorize witch twitter at this time” I could do .

    Thank you for your prompt response

  • Wiche Rubio

    It’s not authorizing twitter anymore…

  • Chris

    Ditto, it no longer does anything after clicking Authorize Twitter. It goes to Twitter and you get the key and put it in the plugin and click Verify and nothing happens.

  • The plugin causes Winamp to crash while listening to podcasts or really long media. Winamp v5.666 Build 3516 (x86)
    Also crashes while listening to audio streams from online radio. When the plugin is removed, Winamp works without any issue

  • aaroncavanaugh2

    Hi, The Twitter API isn’t working again as Chris said :). Thanks. God Bless. Aaron