Why I Don’t Think I Want An iPhone

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I am sure there are a million blog posts on this already but…

  • Apparently, you can’t run 3rd party software on the phone. I have all kinds of crap loaded on my Treo. SSH client, weather software, Sirius Radio, RSS Reader, etc. For me, this is the best part of the device…I mean phone.
  • Is this touch screen keyboard going to work? I get how it save space by not being there all the time. That is nice. But I haven’t used a touch screen keypad that is worth a damn. Maybe except for the RedBox thing at McDonald’s. You can fly on that thing and it gets it.
  • The battery life sounds really uncompelling.
  • I won’t by another phone unless it has GPS. This “you have Google Maps”…but you are still typing in where you are is bullshit. We need GPS in every phone.
  • Push email. Gotta have it.
  • Cingular. Man, I hated those guys.
  • Its an iPod and it has Internet connectivity and wifi but I can’t buy iTunes songs or shows on it? I am sitting somewhere bored. I want content now. I had to get it at home or I am stuck.
  • Cell phone cameras needs some auto-focus, flash, etc. We want to use our phone camera and not have to carry another camera too.

I am not your average user I suppose. But I can’t see going to the iPhone from the Treo at this point. I am only half way through my 2 year contract so things might change be then. My bet is that iPhone 2.0 will be really hot.

  • Amy

    I agree, who wants an IPhone? I have a nokia n series and its great, it does so much compared to my old phone, its like a little pocket sized computer. Why would I need an IPhone? I definitly agree with what you said about the camera’s too! The ones on phones are just too dodgy, and theres not really any excuse for it. Now maybe if canon made cell phones…

  • Amen. The fact that it’s *not* a smartphone (does that make it a stupid phone?) seems to me a huge disappointment. And if it’s not a that then it’s just a fancy interface which may or may not be easier to use.