Scaring Adults

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After my last post, I got a few emails asking what kinds of stuff I did as kid. Well, I was far from a big troublemaker but we had our share of fun. I will share a personal favorite: VCR Tape Roadblocks!

So we took VCR tapes that were old and opened them up. We took out the spools of tape. Then we found places on streets within our subdivision that had mailboxes roughly across from each other on opposite sides of the street. Then we would tie one side of the spool on one mailbox and run to the other side and tie off on that mailbox. Effectively creating a string of tape across the street. Big deal, right? A car could just blow right through that. That wasn’t the point. The key thing was that the tape was usually pretty reflective. So as the car approached the tape at night with headlights on, they couldn’t see it at all. Then right as their lights hit the tape just right (given dips in the road), the whole tape would light up and look like a big bright line across the road. Mentally, you can’t figure out what the hell it is. So you just slam on your brakes. Worked most of the time. Drivers would usually get out and go up to it and touch it curiously. Some would rip it down. Some would cut it. A few would drive up and around the mailbox in the yard to get away from it! We were always within 100 feet of the scene hiding in a bush or behind a fence. It was really hard to stay quiet when the driver got out and was looking around.

  • Natalee

    He used to also through tomatoes at old peoples houses and deny he did it. I would usually tell on him like a good little sister does. Then he would tell on my for breaking the “expensive” (adjective my parents used to descibe them) needles for my record player and I’d cry.

  • Sarah

    Throwing tomatoes at houses? Man that’s lame. I used to throw stuff at this old lady who crossed my house with her dogs and let them take a dump all over the place. Then she would proceed to stand at the curb for 5 or 6 minutes looking for cars that weren’t there. Weird woman. So I would throw an egg at her or something and then she would look around and shrug. I don’t know, but if that was me, I would have chased down my sorry ass. Anyway, eggs are better than tomatoes. So much harder to clean up. Or why not maple syrup? Syrup a house so that the door is stuck shut and then syrup up all of the windows. Mmm nothing quite like it.(Not like I’ve tried it). Ha.