Why My Ass Hurts Lately

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I have been contemplating this move for about a year. After reading a recent issue of Runner’s World, I decided I had to pull the trigger. The article talked about how running every day won’t gain you speed because your legs get too beat up. They talked about moving more towards a triathlon training model (swim, bike, run) to rotate and rest your parts. Sounded good to me. Triathlons might be fun but for now I just went to get to that marathon goal one of these days.

I visited several stores in the area but liked Peloton Cycles the best. I test rode several bikes from $1000 to $4000. Wanted to understand the difference in feel. I wanted all carbon. Why? Because. The components were the real challenge to get right. The big differences in price are the components. I didn’t want crap but I didn’t need to be ready for Le Tour either. So I got a bike with nearly all Ultegra components — except the brakes. I was between a Specialized and a Trek. Sure, Lance loves Treks but frankly I didn’t think their designs were as cool and sleek at the same price point. So I ended up feeling the best on the Specialized Roubaix. I added aero bars to it and better clips. Otherwise, its standard equipment. Check it out.


The first few rides were pretty scary. Sure, I know how to ride a bike. I mountain biked for years. But these road bikes are fast and sleek. The tires are so thin. I would find myself adjusting positions or something and suddenly about wipe out. Coming in and out of the aero bars is taking some practice at speed. Plus its kind of nerve racking to be cruising along with your hands on the aero bars, which don’t have shifters or brakes. I will get used to it.

Been trying to alternate the run and bike every other day. My ass feels it the most as I re-desensitize it to sitting on a bike seat for 90 minutes. Using my bike function on the GPS watch to track my route, speeds, etc. Just getting my routes down so far but I am doing 20 miles no problem. Cars suck. They don’t pay attention half the time. Hence, the work on perfecting the routes so you get enough bike lane with minimal auto activity.

Viva Le Tour! Now let’s get my running distance up…

  • Brandon,

    Alternating biking will help keep running from wearing down your legs, but if you want to build speed what you really want to do is make sure you do more intense workouts. Rather than just bike, find a steep hill to climb. We have a hill here (Jester) that’s a 17% grade and .5 miles long which is ideal. You might only be able to climb it once the first time out, but work up to 2-3 or more repetitions with a rest going back downhill. Work this into, say, a 1-hour ride 2 or 3 times a week. Your strength and speed (and if you aren’t a swimmer, your lung capacity) will go up dramatically, and you can track the change by timing your climbs. You’ll probably have to cut back on the amount of distance running you do to let your muscles grow, but you’ll be amazed at how much faster your distance runs will be anyway.

  • Leon

    Come to Holland. We got bike paths and bike roads over the whole country; no cars.


  • Herb

    OK, I sort of noticed something in this picture!

    The bicycle is sort of leaning AGAINST the garage door. Don’t tell me a kickstand costs extra or did you have to order a composite one?

  • Herb, you are showing your age. They don’t sell bikes with kickstands anymore.