Wet Rat Dog

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Peanut “jumped” in the lake this weekend. It might have been a fall, not sure. Grandma saved the wet rat. Mom to the rescue… Dad plays with Peanut later on in the day to be sure he didn’t lose any of his motor skills in the accident. Need to be sure that Peanut can continue his soccer training. On accident, … Read More

Hummer Haters

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Article: Hummer inspires love, hate Give me a break. At the dealership I bought my H2 at, they also sell other big trucks and most of them are more expensive than the Hummer, such as the Cadillac Escalade. At least the H2 is fun to drive and can do cool tricks. So a lot of Americans like big trucks, get … Read More

Fair Airtime

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From my TiVo newsletter: Talk about a Total Recall of a WishList™ search! Arnold Schwarzenegger’s decision to run for governor of California in a recall election scheduled for Oct. 7 is wreaking havoc on local TV listings. Recently the Sci Fi channel became the second cable network in two days to take his movies off air, pulling an entire night … Read More