Dog Pee

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What’s the deal with weird people and dog pee?  Like a good owner, I walk my dogs every night.  The last two nights on two different paths, I have had random ladies tell me to not let me dog pee in their yard or bush.  The first lady lives on a corner lot.  Dogs are peeing in your yard all … Read More

Too Much Too Drink?

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Ok, so Steve and I are cruising around Pleasure Island, which is Disney’s bar scene if that makes sense, and we decided that it was in our best interest to have the Orion company photo taken. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea…


Adventures2 Comments

Well, I am in Orlando for another AACVPR-affiliate conference. These don’t usually produce much business right away so I always wonder why we come.  But its fun to talk with the people and get ideas of course.  The show was at the Hilton as Disney.  Kids all over the place — except mine which is at home. Drinking at the bar … Read More

Radio Userland Upstreaming Performance

Hacks3 Comments

Well, I was getting pissy with Radio Userland last night because it started killing my PC.  CPU was spiked, it wouldn’t upstream.  Kept giving events that said Can’t upstream because “Timeout in read loop”. I ended up finding a thread of pissed off users that didn’t ever get the solution. Then this morning Userland support pointed me to a beta … Read More

Jet-Setting Parents

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Straight from Charlotte, Herbie & Carole came to visit Sydney.  See her blog for those pixs.  But Carole gave me some pictures of their trip to the mecca of NASCAR.  I went last Fall and only got a quick tour.  They got the more extended visit.  Here they are at the track and at Jeff’s garage.