BAD_POOL_CALLER and IomDisk.sys

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So I thought I would buy a 2nd hard drive to store media files on because mine is filling up.  So I bought a 200 GB one from Dell online.  When it gets here I find out that most computers have a 137 GB barrier and you have to use a special disk controller card (included) with it to get it to work in my computer.  I am out of slots so that won’t work.  I returned it.

So I go back up to Dell’s web site to buy the same 120 GB WD drive I already have and there are no hard drives on  I called and they said they only put specials on the web site and I could pay $250 for the drive.  No way.  So I go to and they aren’t accepting online orders because of a web site revamp.  Amazon is sold out too.  Circuit City finally rescued me.

So the drive shows up.  I stick it in the computer.  Its all configured correctly.  I start into Windows XP and I get the blue screen of death with the error BAD_POOL_CALLER.  What the hell?  I do a Google search and nothing related turns up.  This is some generic hardware error.  Man, this sucks.  So I took out my primary drive for testing and put just this new one in.  I was able to format it and use it just fine.  But now I need both to work.  I tried everything else I can think of.  I even have two different cables on the disk controller so I tried with 1 drive on 1 and 1 drive on the other.  Same thing.  Found a BIOS update.  Didn’t help.  No disk controller driver updates can be found.  I even took out all the cards I added since I bought the system just for fun.

I called Western Digital and they said “Your drive is not the problem.  Call Dell or Microsoft.”.  Great.  At Dell, they don’t know how to use their phones to transfer people.  Anyway, I worked with a 1st level tech for a while who felt my pain.  Nothing.  But of course since my system is out of warranty there isn’t anything else they can do.

Man, now what?  I am stuck.  Can’t get this thing to work.  Maybe I will just put it into one of my other computers and make that the file server or something until somebody figures this out someday.  I put it in another computer and it worked fine as a dual.  Something is up with my system.

So its 1 AM and I am not tired and I will not be beaten.  For some reason, I was looking at my Windows 2003 server driver versions and needed to compare something with my XP machine that won’t take the hard drive.  I notice on the XP machine that there is this file called IomDisk.sys from Iomega randomly bound to that drive.  Its a driver…hmmm….I don’t know what it does…hmmm…its not signed…hmmm.  I googled it and found some weird HP thread that talked about getting rid of the driver because its was messing up all kinds of shit.  So I thought – what do I have to lose?  I purged my entire system of this file.  I went through the registry and cleaned it out.  Mostly stuff under the HKLM Classes key (search for iomdisk).

So I put the drive back in.  Reboot…and…..Windows XP screen…good….progress bar going…good…..USER LOGIN SCREEN!  I have been redeemed!  I don’t get it but its fixed and I don’t care.  Its 3 AM right now and I can finally go to sleep.  Task completed.

Iomega …. burn in hell. 

Sometimes I hate computers.