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So I got the Xbox Media Player going here.  Its very nice.  I know have all Sydney‘s videos and pictures at my disposal from my remote.  You just select and watch.  Its really nice.  All cataloged and everything.  I also took some of my music DVDs (you know the ones that come with CDs a lot) and ripped the contents off them, encoded to DivX, and now I have a jukebox of music videos.  You put it on shuffle and you have your own MTV it seems.  Microsoft needs to get on the ball and get this stuff out there for the masses — its really cool.  TiVo allows you to do the music & pictures part if you buy there new box — but I am not (2 TiVos are enough).

  • did you know you can hack the XBox? they have forums dedicated to it now. you can add a bigger HD, put Linux on it and run not only games but use it as you would a computer, they got all the scematics on how to do it on the web. very cool stuff dude 😉

  • Um, that is what I did.