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Some new things to play with today.

First day with Radio Userland.  Got tired of Blogger…didn’t have the cool features.

Been trying to deal with the issue of having multiple monitors and the desire to use only mouse and keyboard.  I was trying to buy this software called TeleEffect but the software hasn’t been updated and their order form does not work.  So I searched on and found this other program called Desktop Rover which works great — and you can buy online — what a concept!

Meteora from Linkin Park also came out today — finally.  I am excited to see them again this summer.  Great concert with Metallica, of course.

And for the war coverage, I got tired of going and watching on the TV in the other room so I picked up a $20 TV card for my PC and a cool serial port app that will control a DirecTV receiver from a PC interface.  Now I have TV on the PC and its pretty good.

  • Kent

    While waiting for you to fix my freakin’ email from my other lame post I saw this post. Here’s a thought. There is this thing called win2vnc that uses VNC to send keyboard and mouse stuff to another machine. I’m not sure that’s what you are trying to do (your post is vague). But I use it to jump back and forth between a Linux (gasp) box and a windows laptop (I scroll to the edge of the Linux display and it pops up on the windows box). The real trick is getting it to work with a dual monitor Windows config (standard VNC doesn’t support that). The trick is to use a variant of VNC called multivnc ( There is some weird problem where you have to do a down-rev version of VNC to get it all to work (I can send you the details if you need them). Anyway, I think you want to control to boxes with two separate monitors with one keyboard/mouse. If not, forget this post. But if it is what you want to do, check these tools out. It’s pretty slick. It becomes one virtual big monitor. (Another side problem is that you do have to have a KVM to initially login, but after that you are all good).