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My trusty Garmin 310XT is on its last leg. You probably thought it was dead? I brought it back to life but now the buttons are getting sketchy. Its like impossible to turn on without the perfect pressure. It was a great watch. I almost bought another…

But I went to the drawing board and looked over all the new options out there. Many new vendors competing with Garmin for your running dollars. After some analysis I decided to stay on the Garmin train and advance to the newest model…the 920XT!


Today was my first “real” run in 2 months. I say real because I wore a watch. A new watch. So I am still playing with it. It syncs over Wi-fi now instead of that ANT stick. It puts my phone notifications on screen which makes it a bit of a transition device while we wait for the Apple Watch. Its counting my steps and telling me to move. All that stuff is nice and its fun to mess with right now. But its all going to turn into a distraction eventually.

At some point soon, I have to start doing work. Technology helps but it doesn’t move you. Only you can do that.


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Over the hill? Just getting started? Not sure. It seemed like just another day. I turned 40 and the world didn’t stop. But a lot of folks reached out to me on the special day and that was cool. My parents and sister were in town too. It was great seeing everyone. They even put up a banner on the front of the house to embarrass me. But it takes more than that.


Closer! My lady friends, Marie & Shelly, decided to decorate my truck. They said they didn’t do it in black because I would have loved it. So they went with pink. Even got me some sweet running shorts — no liner in them. You asked for it. And they forked my yard. Still not sure what that was all about. Free aeration?


I guess I get to run in the “Masters” group now. Hopefully, that means I can be slower.

Slipknot / Korn @ Denver Coliseum

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While everyone was home staying warm, I headed out into the single digit temps to Denver to see the hottest show in town! Slipknot is back with a new album and its really great. Always excited to see these guys even with watching old shows on YouTube all the time. A new set but much of the same routine as usual. That’s OK.





  • XIX
  • Sarcastrophe
  • The Heretic Anthem
  • My Plague
  • The Devil in I
  • Psychosocial
  • The Negative One
  • Three Nil
  • Eyeless
  • Vermilion
  • Before I Forget
  • Duality
  • Wait and Bleed
  • Spit It Out
  • Custer
  • Encore:
  • People = Shit
  • Surfacing
  • ‘Til We Die

If you are going to have an opener, man, does it get any better than Korn? 2nd time seeing them this year. Pretty much the same set as this past summer. But I might say this Korn is as good as any Korn ever. I really enjoy it. More depth to the line up. I hope they are here to stay.





  • Twist
  • Here to Stay
  • Right Now
  • Love & Meth
  • Falling Away from Me
  • Good God
  • Hater
  • Shoots and Ladders
  • One
  • Got the Life
  • Freak on a Leash
  • Blind

I am not that into recording video at shows but this iPhone 6 really seems to capture it well. The sound is tolerable and the video quality is great. If I could just get people in the pit to pause while I film, it would be grand.

Five Finger Death Punch @ Broomfield

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No, its not a repeat.

After seeing 5FDP in Vegas last week, they came to Colorado tonight to wrap up their tour for the KBPI Halloween show. Volbeat was not on the bill though this show. KBPI continues to be the premier radio station in the US for rock and metal.


While the stage and setlist were pretty much the same, the tone of the show was different. 5FDP calls Vegas home these days but Ivan calls Colorado his real home. He was born in Denver and raised her before leaving for LA to pursue music. So I thinks its always a cool homecoming for him. Dude broke down in tears near the end thanking everyone for their support over the years. From playing the Eck’s Saloon to nobody and now the 1st Bank Center.


They brought the kids up on stage for the show again. Kind of the usual rap. It was funny that they would do the same interludes and jokes between songs too. I guess its like any type of show. You find something that works and stick with it.


Glad to see these guys once again. Heavy metal isn’t dead. It was alive and well in Broomfield tonight.

Five Finger Death Punch / Volbeat @ The Joint

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While in Vegas, there are plenty of shows to go and see. Shania was in town. So was Britney. With my most recent concert being Katy Perry, I am sure there were questions. However, two of my favorite boy bands were in town on the same bill so that was the obvious answer.


I swear Volbeat hasn’t gone home in years. These rockers from Denmark just keep gaining steam in the USA and its well deserved. I love the sound and the songs. Excited to see what is next from them. They put on a great set with lots of the older stuff and dropping a few of the newer songs.


  • Hallelujah Goat
  • Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood
  • Sad Man’s Tongue
  • Heaven nor Hell
  • A Warrior’s Call
  • 16 Dollars
  • Lola Montez
  • Dead but Rising
  • The Lonesome Rider
  • The Mirror and the Ripper
  • The Hangman’s Body Count
  • Maybellene I Hofteholder
  • Fallen
  • Pool of Booze, Booze, Booza
  • Still Counting

Five Finger Death Punch

5FDP is now calling Vegas home so they got to enjoy their hometown crowd with plenty of visitors like me in the crowd. Their set seemed to weight more on newer stuff and dropped some of the classics (no White Knuckles?). Only 1 song in the encore with The Bleeding. Guess they wanted to get back home, which was probably a short drive.


  • Under and Over It
  • Burn It Down
  • Hard to See
  • Lift Me Up
  • Bad Company
  • Burn MF
  • Drum Solo
  • Remember Everything
  • Battle Born
  • Coming Down
  • Here to Die
  • Far from Home
  • The Bleeding

I took a co-worker to the show who hadn’t heard of these bands before. I was curious how she would rate such bands seeing them blindly. Interestingly it was a close call but 5FDP edged out Volbeat in her mind. Fair enough.

5FDP is in Denver on Tuesday…can’t get enough!

Denver Marathon 2014

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Gave it what I had, and that was not much.


I had not run Denver since 2009 in my epic pants-shitting Boston-qualifying effort. So I got the bug this fall to run it again mostly just to get back out there in a road marathon. Its been since 2010 since my last road marathon. That was Boston. I crossed that line sub-3 and figured I had nothing more to ever give that distance.

Now the pressure was off. I just wanted to go run. Sure, it would be swell to prove I still had it. So after Leadville 2 months ago, I jumped right into a training plan. A few days in, I tweaked my foot so bad that I couldn’t run for 3 weeks. That surely screwed up this amazing plan I had. So I tried to get after it for the 3-4 weeks left but learned quickly that my ultra-legs only know how to run ultra-pace these days. Then we had the Boulder (1/2) Marathon fiasco. Eh.

So I got to Denver at about 6 AM and parked in my same old spot from years past. Donned a trash bag and headed out into the dark to find the race start. Kind of like a zombie you just follow the loud noise (music) and you will eventually arrive at the start line for the Rock and Roll Marathon that now owns this race.

The gun went off a few minutes late because of course clearing issues but no big deal. I quickly tried to see what I could pull off as a comfortable pace in those first few miles and about 8:00 was seemingly OK. We headed west out of town and uphill over to Sloan’s Lake. This course was mostly all new to me. I never looked at a map either. Part of the excitement. But it sure left like we ran uphill a lot today. +537 feet on the watch.

Had a moment at around 10 miles in where my lungs started being funky. Could have used an inhaler. But got some water and took some Advil for my tightening hip and moved on. As we got back to Civic Center Park, the crowds increased. Though there were people all over this course so you were never lonely. Part of me wanted to just veer off with the half-marathoners and be done for the day. I hate these combined races. Such a mind trip the whole time — or is that just some ultra thing?

Then we headed out to City Park. Then back. Then out to Wash Park. Then back. Kind of the usual route from yesteryear there. Somewhere around 20 miles my legs decided that was enough for the day. They were barking from the start though but now it was getting too loud to drown out. I had nothing much to prove anyways so I couldn’t find the inertia to turn it around. So I just kept it at a smooth ultra pace and coasted in to a (barely) sub-4 finish.

Given my weekly averages of 20-30 miles recently, its no surprise this finish was what it was. Not really disappointed. It quickly became more about the experience than the performance. What else you gonna do? Actually, it was cool to see so many people on the out-n-backs giving the marathon a go. Being strictly in the ultra world for the past few seasons, you forget that there are folks who are just getting into this and the marathon is the biggest challenge they have faced. I was there just years ago. I found it exciting to watch them struggle to meet their goals. I hope they had a great day out there. The conditions were pretty great. With the size of this event, I feel like road running is alive and well in Denver. And it seems to be in pretty good hands with the Rock and Roll management. They get their share of crap but it feels generally positive overall. It was my first race of theirs and I would do it again.

That’s it for my season. Pretty lackluster year overall. Going to take some time away now as I alluded to post-Leadville. My legs really weren’t there today. And maybe my mind wasn’t either. Maybe they need a bit longer of a rest after doing this since 2005 with hardly a break. Try a bit of cross-training. Some weights. Get wet in the pool? I will not rest, but I might not run as much until 2015. Try to take the off season more seriously. Of course, I will try and stay active on the hills with the dogs. And see what I can cook up for the next phase to come.

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Katy Perry @ Pepsi Center

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For Sydney’s birthday way back in May, I gave her two tickets to Katy Perry. Tonight was the night! She told me she was more excited about this concert than any other she had ever been to. Clearly I have tried to steer her towards my metal ways. And she does enjoy. But she is a (near) teen girl and they like their Kitty Purry…I mean Katy Perry.

Katy Perry

Well, that was the biggest stage I have seen them fit in the Pepsi Center. Wowza. You might think I would be all hating this concert but the excitement alone from Sydney was infectious. However, I do always appreciate a good performance. Katy actually sings her songs live which is amazing for pop singers these days it seems. There were imperfections and deviations in her voice but that’s what makes a live show so great.

Katy Perry

I was sort of surprised there wasn’t more dance dance dance. But that’s not as much her thing. She moves but they don’t break into a big synchronized dance number for hours on end. She probably spent 20+ minutes of the 2+ hour show talking to the kids. Chatter about school nights and birthdays and her garden. Those moments where I am sure Sydney thought they were just having a conversation. BFFs forever.

Katy Perry

Given the osmosis of music in our house and car, I knew all but about the middle of the set. The slower songs I am not up to speed on. But when the girl has so many number one hits, you can’t get away from knowing some of the songs.

Katy Perry

We showed up during the opening act which was “Tegan and Sara”. Who are these girls? Two identical twin girls from Canada with a backing band. I was surprisingly not gagging on their music. Turns out they are pretty good. They are Canadian sensations in fact. There most famous song (but not their best) is from the Lego Movie….Everything is Awesome! They played it. Weird but funny. I can say I heard that live.

Katy Perry

I was excited to take Sydney to see a “mega tour” with Katy in her prime. That’s gotta be a great memory. Just don’t make me go to too many of these. I have a reputation to uphold!

A local review with more photos.

Oh Whoopie

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Fall is here. Fall sucks. It gets colder in Fall. Days get shorter. If you like that, then you are some kind of terrorist. The best season is summer. Then winter. Spring and Fall have equal suckiness. But I give the nod to Fall over Spring because of the Colorado wind. Its not runner friendly. Some day I will just live wherever it is summer all the time. And maybe travel to ski when I want some winter. That will be great.

My shin is healed. So I am back on the move. It was 3 weeks start to finish. Struggled to run 1 mile. Then 2. Then got to 4. Lots of rest days. Now its solid. Did Green Mountain Saturday. Did a 16 miler on Sunday. Money. Except that I am slow as molasses now. Maybe things will turn around quickly. If I don’t hurt something else.

The Boulder Marathon (and half) got canceled 2 weeks out. Lots of bogus excuses about the flood, deaths, and other whining. Then the Internet kicked in. They found out no permits were pulled. This got enough people angry and the Boulder District Attorney is now investigating. The word on the street is that the race director is a scammer. Never pays his bills or does so much after the fact after threats. Loser. Its s shame a race that hold the title of “Boulder” turned to crap. The old race management always seemed great. This new flake is a flake. I am sure it can be recovered in later years. But I still want my money back.

I read Boston is full. I think. So my pressure to BQ next month at Denver Rock and Rolling is lesser so. But it would still be good for a 2016 Boston. But eh. We will see what the next 4 weeks brings for training.

If Fall has its way, it will crap on my plans every day then deliver a blistering hot race day. Welcome to Colorado.